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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Apprentice, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild.
Apprentice, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild.
Arch-Mage, Mages Guild (50)
Completed the Mages Guild Questline.
Assassin, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Associate, Fighters Guild (10)
Joined the Fighters Guild.
Associate, Mages Guild (10)
Joined the Mages Guild.
Bandit, Thieves Guild (10)
Reached Bandit rank in the Thieves Guild.
Bloodletter, Arena (10)
Reached Bloodletter rank in the Arena.
Brawler, Arena (10)
Reached Brawler rank in the Arena.
Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild (10)
Reached Cat Burglar rank in the Thieves Guild.
Champion of Cyrodiil (110)
Completed the Main Questline.
Champion, Arena (10)
Reached Champion rank in the Arena.
Champion, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Champion rank in the Fighters Guild.
Closed an Oblivion Gate (50)
Closed an Oblivion Gate, Main Quest.
Conjurer, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Conjurer rank in the Mages Guild.
Defender, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Defender rank in the Fighters Guild.
Delivered Daedric Artifact (50)
Delivered Daedric Artifact, Main Quest.
Destroyed the Great Gate (50)
Destroyed the Great Gate, Main Quest.
Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Reached Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Escaped the Imperial Sewers (50)
Escaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning.
Evoker, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Evoker rank in the Mages Guild.
Footpad, Thieves Guild (10)
Reached Footpad rank in the Thieves Guild.
Gladiator, Arena (10)
Reached Gladiator rank in the Arena.
Grand Champion, Arena (50)
Completed the Arena Questline.
Guardian, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Guardian rank in the Fighters Guild.
Guildmaster, Thieves Guild (50)
Completed the Thieves Guild Questline.
Hero, Arena (10)
Reached Hero rank in the Arena.
Journeyman, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild.
Journeyman, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Journeyman rank in the Mages Guild.
Listener, Dark Brotherhood (50)
Completed the Dark Brotherhood Questline.
Located the Shrine of Dagon (50)
Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest.
Magician, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Magician rank in the Mages Guild.
Master Thief, Thieves Guild (10)
Reached Master Thief rank in the Thieves Guild.
Master, Fighters Guild (50)
Completed the Fighters Guild Questline.
Master-Wizard, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Master-Wizard rank in the Mages Guild.
Murderer, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Join the Dark Brotherhood.
Myrmidon, Arena (10)
Reached Myrmidon rank in the Arena.
Pickpocket, Thieves Guild (10)
Joined the Thieves Guild.
Pit Dog, Arena (10)
Joined the Arena in the Imperial City.
Protector, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Protector rank in the Fighters Guild.
Prowler, Thieves Guild (10)
Reached Prowler rank in the Thieves Guild.
Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild (10)
Reached Shadowfoot rank in the Thieves Guild.
Silencer, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Slayer, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Speaker, Dark Brotherhood (10)
Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Swordsman, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Swordsman rank in the Fighters Guild.
Warder, Fighters Guild (10)
Reached Warder rank in the Fighters Guild.
Warlock, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Warlock rank in the Mages Guild.
Warrior, Arena (10)
Reached Warrior rank in the Arena.
Wizard, Mages Guild (10)
Reached Wizard rank in the Mages Guild.

Easy Gold (Prepatch)
Any time after you have finished the tutorial in the imperial sewers at the start of the game, you can kill a specific person and loot unlimited amounts of gold from them. Here's how you do it:In the Imperial City, Talos district, find a house owned by a person named Dorian, it will be called "Dorian's House". Try to get him angry enough with you via threatening him. Once he has a low enough disposition (lower than 20) with him, he will ask you to leave. At this point kill him and go to loot his body. He should have around 40 gold and some other misc items. LOOT ALL THE ITEMS FIRST leaving the gold, DO NOT LOOT ALL. When you go to take the gold, it will glitch and keep allowing you to take the gold off him. Make sure he doesn't leave or alerts any of the guards and save before attempting this. After about an hour of hitting the same button, I had 150k gold. Note: You can bribe him before doing this glitch and you'll make more gold. This no longer works after a recent June patch to the game.

Horse Shop Gold Glitch (Prepatch)
To do this you need a horse and the more expensive the weapon you wield the better.So get your most expensive weapon and wield it. Get on your horse and fast travel to either Kvatch to speak to the orc merchant, or to Silver Road in Cyrodill and speak to a merchant in green clothing.Once you enter the barter screen, sell your equipped weapon. It will not vanish, allowing it to be sold over and over again for gold. This no longer works after a recent June patch to the game.

Infinite Arrows
Equip any set of arrows, go into any area of the game (preferably an enclosed area, like a fighter's guild basement), take out any bow, and hold R to keep an arrow in your bow. Now, you have to be a journeyman(?) of acrobatics, but if you can combat roll, that's what you need to do this trick. Hold L, press Y, and move in any direction to roll. You will hear the arrow fly, but it will not decrease in your inventory. Go forth and pick up your dupe arrow. Repeat as many times as you like.

Item Dupe (Prepatch)
1)Equip ANY set of arrows.2)Draw your bow back,while its drawn back press B to go to your inventory screen.3)Click on the arrows you have equipped with A and then on any other set of arrows you own and press A twice.4)Now find an item you wish to clone and drop it. This doesn't work with every item.Note that a recent June patch fixed this glitch.

Item Duplication(Pre Patch)
1. Pull out any weapon(including fists)
2. Attack(Pull right Trigger)
3. Switch to inventory before attack ends(B button/red)
4. Equip any set of arrows and press A until a message, "You cannot change weapons while attacking" appears.
5. Drop Item you wish to Dupe
6. Exit Inventory and collect Duplications.Note:
~The following cannot be duplicated; Stolen goods, one-of-a-kind items(Normally named something), Nirnroot, & Quest Items.
~The number of arrows in the set you equip will be how many the item becomes(at least)

Keeping Boots of Springheel Jack.
During the last mission for the thieves guild, right before taking the drop, stop and head back down the tower the way you came. When you get to the original way you got into the tower (the fireplace in the Imperial Guardsmans sleeping quarters), activate the fireplace. It should give you the next part of the quest without dropping you into the hole. On this level of the tower, without going any higher, find an Imperial Guardsman and attack him, or be spotted by him. This should trigger the regular "Go to Jail, Resist Arrest, Pay Fines" dialog. Just pay your fines, and get teleported back out of the tower and in front of the castle. Both the Elder Scroll and the Boots should be in your inventory, and you should still be on the next part of the quest to head back to Gray Cowl. In my opinion, it's easier than trying to survive the fall.

Paintbrush Glitch
Paintbrushes have no physics applied to them. By none, I mean none. When you drop them out of your inventory, they stay in thin air. They cannot be moved or blown away by spells/arrows. Well, paintbrushes can be walked on.
You can jump onto a paintbrush (there is a small sphere of invisible walkable surface area). Drop another paintbrush infront of you, and you have a second step.
You can make a staircase of paintbrushes and, ideally, reach any point of the game. The catch? It's not easy to pull off.
If you jump too far, you'll be on the steep side of the walking area and won't be able to jump to the next paintbrush. Also, the walkable area is very small.This glitch can get you high places like the top of a castle, high in the air randomly, or even on top of the Imperial Palace (watch out, the roof isn't solid, you need to stand on one of the things that stand up out of it).



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