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Deathdrome Champion or road kill? You decide! It's 2044 A.D. and they just dropped the big one. Anybody who didn't fry knows the rules - shoot first, loot later. Now's your chance to take it out on the highway. Speed-shift against six trash-talking psychos. The only way to shut 'em up is to blow 'em up!


If a track is finished, but not with record time, yourcharacter may still get $2,000 if the next track's record timeis higher than the time just completed. Reset the game and yourcharacter will receive the record time bonus. Example: on track3 the record time is 1:04, and your car finishes in 1:10. No record.But track 4's record time is 1:21, and your car's track 3 timeof 1:10 was below that. Reset and the game will enter the moneyscreen after track 3, but your character will receive the $2,000record time bonus. Note that this trick can work the other way,taking away your legitimate record time bonus if you reset ona track with a lower time.
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$2,000 Trick

To begin a game with $2,000, start a Tournament Race and finish with a time bonus to get $2,000. At the Auto Shop, select Race. When the match starts, hit Start again, select Quit, and begin the game again with $2,000.

Black Market Goods

The black market cyborg will only appear (at random)and offer things that your character can afford to buy.

  • Stealth Generator ($11,000): Makes your car somewhat invisible, but the other drivers will still shoot your vehicle. When the car takes enough damage it wears off.
  • Polarity Inverter ($10,000): Blocks projectiles most of the time.
  • Targeting Computer ($9,000): Helps in targeting enemy drivers faster and more accurately.
  • Doomsday Missile ($19,000): Does awesome damage, but only one is given per reload. It will not blow up an undamaged driver, but will seriously hurt him or her.
  • 120mm Gauss Gun ($16,000): Does heavy damage like the Vulcan cannon, but shoots much slower; 5 sec. reload, ammo 1000.
  • Dragon Laser ($25,000): Blows everything away with relative ease. If it does not blow everybody away on the first lap, stop, wait and let the other racers lap your car (or catch up if your car is ahead) and let them know who is boss.
  • Grim Reaper ($20,000): A great car. Speed: 305 / Acc: Awesome / Armor: Fair
  • Backlash ($25,000): The closest thing to the batmobile. Speed: 330 / Acc: Fair / Armor: Great
  • Dragon Car ($30,000): Watch out track records. This cars really moves. This car is featured in the Crash 'n' Burn intro getting blown off the track by Drugger. Speed: 355 / Acc: Good / Armor: Awesome

To get the best stuff in the game, save up a lot of money. eventually, after a race you will be approached by a man from the black market when you go to open one of the menus (laser menu, missile mine etc.) He will offer you cool stuff like a missile reflector or stealth cloak. Also, if you save up enough you can get a laser missile or mine that's better than the best you can normally buy. finally, if you save up a ton of money he sometimes will even offer you a new car. The dragon, the best car he will sell you, has almost maxed out performance in everything. If you save a lot and he doesn't appear, just save your game, reset and try again. sometimes he will appear then even if he didn't appear before.

Deathdrome message

The message in the sideline of Deathdrome track 4 reads:"Once upon a time a genius, a spiritual overlord and a visionaryracing criminal became "sotally tober" and decided theywould create a legend. Mark said, "Future shock on wheels.Sex, drugs, and rock'n roll at 100MPH! And with more guns thanthe LAPD. It's what America's all about!" Madeline raisedthe toast, "And make sure it is done before September orwe'll swing by our heels." And thus it was decided But theyneeded some help. Little did they know that a hedgehog trainernamed Bill would arrive in a few weeks all set to kick some asphalt."Don't tell me the odds," said Bill, "and I won'ttell you to get the h#ll out of my office. "Bill put the'I' in Artificial Intelligence, and a little A, too, just to keepme from going insane (again). Cyrus created a killer two milliondollar demo, and then put together the best art teams ever legallyassembled. "Programming doesn't have to be ugly," hesaid. "Programmers, maybe, but this thing will shine whenme and Steve get done with it." Steve shrugged. "Saywhat you like, 'cause I'm not listening." Steve listens toonly Rocker, Twix, Druger and Klaw (NOT!). "This thing willshine when me and Cyrus get done with it," says Steve. Andso it began, at first a train wreck waiting to happen. But laterthe prize of the show was winning the blue bundle ribbon. AnotherBill joined (you can never have to many Bills) and glued the wholething together with Steve after setting all the cars on fire.The other Bill says mysteriously, "And wait until you seethe other tunnels, too." As always, a few stunt programmerswere needed. Troy, feeling like Godot as he waited for OS (shouldhave been called the SOS) tried to make the Fat Lady sing, butwhen asked to play a tune, Troy sez "Bite me!" and stumbleshome to bed at 130MPH. In the end, both the ground and the grungebehaved, and much sleep was had by all. A final thank-you to FrankieGoes to Hollywood (just like 3DO) for their musical inspiration!"The Ballad of Crash 'N Burn" was written by Jon "nakasetemiyou" Horseley"

Game Guru Codes

Note: A disc is required to use the following codes.

Nuke missile (1 shot) upgrade
All basic car options
Cloaking device
Dragon laser
Particle gun
Dragon cannon
Over 16.7 million in money
Even more money
Change character to Fang
Change character to Drugar
Change character to Tasman Twix
Change character to Max Amilion
Change character to Klaw
Change character to Rocker
Change car to Hammerhead
Change car to Vortex
Change car to Caretaker
Change car to Assassin
Change car to Sniper
Change car to Flatliner
Change car to Grim Reaper
Change car to Backlash
Change car to The Dragon

Never Waste A Continue

If you lose a race and are forced to continue, just restart your game. You will begin again at the beginning of the race but you won't lose a continue.

Playing Tip
If you don't place in the top three finishers in the Tournament mode, select Quit rather than using a Continue. Then, return to your game, and reload your saved game. You'll get another chance without using a Continue. You don't get to keep the cash for kills you just earned, but you can repeat this trick as often as necessary until you reach the end of the game.



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