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An evil Necromancer has escaped from his icy prison and is wreaking havoc upon the surrounding lands. Journey to this frozen wasteland and destroy the forces of evil - if you dare. DeathKeep is AD&D dungeon delving the way you like it - fast, furious and fun! Prepare to fight your way through more than 25 eerie dungeons - each with 8 levels within. Explore icy caverns, 3 ominous towers and a fantastic final dungeon! Battle over 30 different monsters. Avoid insidious traps. Solve brain-busting puzzles. Jump, fly and even fall if you're not careful. The fully 3-D environment means you can look...

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All keys

Press X to open the backpack. Hold LS + RS and press X, C, A, P. Your character will obtain a key, which will be indicated by the counter on the character bar. The key will not appear in the backpack. This code is especially useful in levels 4 and 11.


The Firebow may cause the status bar and polygons to disappear (turning the screen black in places) when fired. Move away from the location where the bow was fired to return the screen to normal.


Eat rations whenever they are found, rather than storing it in the inventory. Each level contains a feast that appears as a group of mushrooms and a waterskin that will restore the food level and hit points to full. The feast also has the same effect Cure Poison spell. This should be used immediately before exiting the level. Your character will not automatically use the feast. Approach the feast and press P when "Use?" appears.


The Scroll Of Hurling is a cursed item that will significantly reduce your character's food.


Look down at the ground to position your character at the edge of the starting platform. Aim directly at the destination platform, holding B and using the D-pad to turn slowly if needed. Press P to start the jump, then immediately press Up, holding the D-pad as long as necessary to reach the destination platform. If the destination platform is narrow, tap Back to prevent your character from falling off the far side.

Level skip

Press X to open the backpack. Hold LS + RS and press C, A, B(2), A, C.


After a level is cleared, go to a rest area and restore spells and hit points. This should be done before starting the next level, where new rest areas need to be found before they can be used.

Secret doors

Some secret doors a left and a right vertical beam embedded in them. Others may be faint outlines on a wall.



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