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Doctor Hauzer is an Adventure game, developed and published by River Hill Software, which was released in Japan in 1994.


Use the following steps to complete the game.

  • Wait five seconds for chandelier to drop. Go through the door to exit the room.
  • Take the white key that is hidden in the grandfather clock. Use the white key to open the door directly opposite the clock on other side of room.
  • Avoid the pit and enter door to the left. Remove the flowers from the first vase. Place the flowers in the second vase. Take the white key that is hidden in the wood table. Enter the next room through the hidden door behind the flower picture.
  • Take the green book from the desk near the flower picture. Take the red key from dressing table in the back of room. Take the floor map from the third wardrobe. Exit the room through the door.
  • Run to the end of the hallway and press A on the cabinet to close the pit. Exit the hallway by running over the covered pit and opening the door at the opposite end.
  • Enter the double doors near the grandfather clock using the red key. Push the table located in the middle of the room end first towards the wall with the larger cupboard. This sets a switch and allows the back doors to be opened. Face the end of the smaller cupboard and press B + Down to pull it out of the way of the door. Use this door to exit the room.
  • Run quickly up the hallway and enter the side alcove to avoid the rolling boulder.
  • Open the door that faces the hallway to enter the second kitchen. Take the orange key that is hidden in third cupboard from the door. Take the knife that is hidden in the first cupboard on the opposite wall. Take the gas can that is on the floor next to the table. Use the door to return to the alcove.
  • Open the other door to enter the first kitchen. Use the overhead view and push the table towards the cupboard until it is next to the jagged ledge. Then, push the table across the pit until it falls even with the floor. Walk across the table and take the axe from the side of the cupboard that faces the sink. Walk across the table and return to the alcove.
  • Go back down the hallway and use the orange key to open the door on the left side of the painting to get to the dining room. Take the candle sticks from the long table. Take the wood from the fireplace. This causes parts of the floor to fall, creating holes. Jump over the holes to get back to the door and exit the room.
  • Enter the door to the right of the painting to get upstairs. Walk towards the holes in the floor. Three giant spikes will come from under the floor to block the hallway.
  • Enter the door at the end of the hall on the left side, and go to the bookcase on the opposite side of the room. Take the cigarette lighter that is hidden in the first bookshelf. Take the crow bar that is hidden the next bookshelf towards the door. Walk to the bookcase next to the door and take the shotgun that is hidden there in the first bookshelf. Turn around and enter the opposite bookshelf. Answer "YES" to climb down a hole on a ladder.
  • Walk towards the air vent. Take the red book from fifth bookcase to the left of the vent. Go to the set of bookcases that are to the right of the vent. Face the center of the room and get the red book from the far right bookshelf. Take the green book from the desk next to the air vent. Remove the air vent from the wall. Take the remaining paper off the table. Exit the room through the first bookshelf in the group of bookcases to the right of the vent. Your character will climb up a hole on a ladder.
  • Use the crowbar to remove boards off the closed entrance in top left corner. Use the candlesticks, then use the cigarette lighter to see. Go down the hallway and open the boarded-up door.
  • Take the green book from the bookshelf nearest to the boarded-up door. Stand by the bed and use the shotgun while looking towards the green light. Enter the next room and enter the door that opens into the closed hallway, behind the spikes.
  • Take red key that is hidden on the dead body.
  • Enter the next door using the red key. Walk towards the brown box, using the overhead view to dodge the swinging blades. Open the brown box, take the wooden key, and exit the room.
  • Use the wooden key to open the door around the corner. Walk to the painting on the wall and press A to activate a switch. Walk (do not run) across the gap in the floor along the painting side of the hallway.
  • Open the door and take the orange key from second bookshelf across from the door. Take the green book from the table and exit the room.
  • Walk across the gap in the floor on the side opposite side of the painting. Use the orange key to open the door.
  • Open the second cupboard to the right of the painting. This fires the dart hidden in the grandfather clock in another room into the wall. Exit the room.
  • Walk across the gap in the floor to the door opposite the painting. Open the door and enter the room.
  • Place the axe on the orange hook in the next room. Open the secret door behind the painting and take another painting that is hidden in the cupboard. Open the door on the same wall as the cupboard and take the dynamite.
  • Exit the room, walk to the side of fireplace, and press A twice. Your character will use a ladder to climb down and fall into an underground hole.
  • Open the double doors. Take the white key off the corpse and exit the room.
  • Enter the other door. Plant the dynamite on the far wall. Use the cigarette lighter on the dynamite and quickly exit the room.
  • Enter the room again. Walk to the mine car tracks and press A. Your character will ride through the tunnels and stop in front of a door.
  • Use one of the white keys in the inventory to open the door. An FMV scene will be displayed. When the scene completes, select the painting from the inventory. Use the overhead view to walk (do not run) to the face in the blue beam while avoiding the fireballs. Your character will throw the painting into the face's mouth when near.
  • The ending animation will begin.

Game controls
Rotate left
Rotate right
Walk forward or push object
Up + B
Run forward or push object
Walk backward
Down + B
Pull object
Action (search, take, use)
Cancel option
Toggle between three viewing modes: Third person cinema view
(game-selected camera angle), first person view, or an overhead view.
Rotate mode: While pressed, use the D-pad to look in any direction,
including up or down, without changing position or direction. In the third person view,
the character's head will move around. In the first person this feature is used to look up or down.
Brings up the inventory/menu. Left or Right moves through the inventory items.
Changing the bottom option will toggle a textual (kanji) description of the selected item.
A uses the pictured item. Select the red book to save games or return to the opening menu.

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