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EA SPORTS presents the most stunning, action-packed boxing simulation ever created. FOES OF ALI delivers a dynamic historical perspective of Muhammad Ali, as well as cutting edge graphics and awesome gameplay!

Cheat Menu Codes

When the fight begins, press P to pause. The at the pause menu, hold L and R on controller one, press C and A to get the cheat menu to appear, then enter the code:

Boxer 1 CPU Controlled
Boxer 2 CPU Controlled
Controller 3 Cheats (press buttons of controller for effects)
Crowd Removal
Faster Frame Rate
Ivan Prebag Photo
Team Photo

Cheat Mode
team - shows photo of design team
prebeg - shows photo of Ivan Prebeg (European boxing champ)
crowd - removes crowd from background
zippy - speeds up frame rate of game
aiat - boxer 1 is computer controlled
aibt - boxer 2 is computer controlled(use to go undefeated)
padc - use a third controller for the following:

"a" knock down boxer 2 for 6 sec
"b" cut the eye of boxer 1 (press button 3x to stop fight)
"L" advance to round 10

Cheat mode

Press P during a fight to display the in-fightmenu. The, press LS + RS + C to displaythe cheat menu where the following codes may be entered.

  • Development team picture: Enter TEAM to display a picture of the game's designers.
  • Hidden fighter picture: Enter PREBEG to display a picture of Ivan Prebeg, European Middle-Heavyweight Champ (June 29, 1969) and uncle of Foes Of Ali programmer Misho Katulic.
  • Remove crowd: Enter CROWD to remove the crowd from the background, except for their sound and camera flashes. Gameplay will also be slightly sped up.
  • Increase frames per second: Enter ZIPPY to remove the fifteen frames per second limit. When used in conjunction with the "Remove crowd" code, it will increase the framerate by two to five frames per second depending on the view. Another valid cheat code, HYPER, appears to have the same effect.
  • Turn off CPU or player artificial intelligence: Enter AIAT or AIBT to toggle on or off the AI for either boxer. The corresponding boxer will be motionless while AI is turned off.
  • Increment fight clock: Enter STEP to toggle on or off a mode which freezes the display while allowing the fight clock to run. Note that the boxers' shadows will still fight if the appropriate buttons are pressed.
  • Special cheat functions: Enter PADC to activate the buttons on controller three for special cheat functions.
Press A to knock down Boxer B for six seconds.
Press B to cut the right eye of Boxer A. The referee will stop the fight if this is done three times.
Press C to end the current round and immediately advance to round 10.

Completing punches

When throwing any of the slower punches, hold downthe button until the punch completes. Releasing the button earlywill result in a fake punch. Note that the punch timing must bealtered as your boxer becomes fatigued. The best way to make surea punch finishes is practice the timing with one boxer. If yourboxer recoils by getting hit during a punch, the punch probablywill not finish.

Determining when your opponent is hit

The sound of a glove being blocked and the sound ofa glove scoring a hit are different. Watch the graphics for sweator blood flying. The boxer will recoil as well, but this may notbe noticeable depending on the current view. The Custom and TrackCamHigh views are good choices to avoid this problem.

Fighting dirty

You can fight "dirty" by throwing low blows.This is done by pressing Down/Toward + A or B.The crowd may voice its disapproval. The referee will warn youand/or give you a penalty point.

Fighting tips

The best fighting range is at arm's length. Do not get as closeto the fighter as possible and pound away; your hits will be ineffectiveand will waste energy. Close punches (except for uppercuts andclinches) do not have an effective momentum. The optimal punchrange can be found by taking as step back from the closest position.

Move as much as possible. Chase your opponent and try to cornerhim. When he is in the corner, pound him mercilessly at arm'slength.

If low on energy, avoid your opponent. If you become knocked down,run around while avoiding punches and fight defensively untilthe round ends. Your energy will be recovered in the next roundand will allow you to go back on the offensive.

Learn to use defense, and try to anticipate the punches. If youropponent did not throw a punch for a second or two, duck!

As your opponent tires out he will drop his guard more often;take advantage of this situation. Also, watch for your opponentto "fidget" (pull up their shorts, wipe their noses),when they are out of range. With care, you can jump your opponentwhile he is fidgeting and lay one on him.

Avoid being punched until after getting warmed up in the firstround to prevent a knock out.

Low Blow
To throw a low blow press Down + Right + A or Down + Right + B. Warning: you can be disquailified if you throw too many of them.



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