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Gridders is a Puzzle game, developed by Tetragon and published by 3DO, which was released in Japan in 1994.

Secret Levels
On the Options screen, highlight "Exit" and hold X. Next press P, A, R, A, L, L, A, X and release X. In this mode you can skip levels by pressing the following buttons while playing:

Code Effect

R+A Skip ahead 1 level
R+B Skip ahead 5 levels
R+C Skip ahead 10 levels
R+L Skip back 1 level

Level skip

Highlight "Exit" selection on the options screen. Then, hold X and press B, A, RS. Release X, then press X again. Fidex will bark to confirm correct code entry. Alternatively, hold X and pressP, A, RS, A, LS(2), Ato activate the code. Zack will say "Digital" to confirm correct code entry.

  • Press LS + A to advance one level.
  • Press LS + B to advance five levels.
  • Press LS + C to advance ten levels.
  • Press LS + RS to go back one level.

Options Menu Codes

At the options menu, highlight Exit and hold X, then enter the code:

Level 25
L, A, release X, and press X again
Level Skip
P, A, R, L, L, A, release X and then press X
Practice Any Level
B, A, R, release X and press X

Practice Mode
To practice almost any level, go to the Options menu and highlight "Exit", then hold X and press B, A, R, X.

To practice level 25, go to the Options menu and highlight "Exit", then hold X and press L, A, X.



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