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Welcome to Guardian War! This is a story about another world, another time. This was a beautiful world guarded by Goddess Erald. Darkness feared the Goddess Erald, and there was no way that Darkness could enter this beautiful world, until...

Game Pictures

Debug Menu
While playing, hold Left Shift + Right Shift + C and let go. Then press Up, Down, Left, Right while the screen is paused. A japanese debug menu will appear from which you can become invincible, increase your strength, warp to a store that sells everything, etc. Here's an english translation courtesy of Chris Warren.

Load Game - load a saved game or start a new one.
Equip: examine and equip characters, similar to the Equipment option on the regular menu.
Gems = 10000: increases your gem total by 10000. Can be used repeatedly to give yourself loads of dough.
No Battles: prevents enimies from attacking you, although you can't attack them either. Can be toggled on and off.
Coordinates: shows you X and Y coordinates of your location when in a location, and also your "coordinates on the main map. Can be toggled on and off.
Free Movement: You can walk to (almost) any location on the map without clearing previous locations of enimies. Can be toggled on and off.
All Attacks: You can use all weapon and magic attacks during battle by choosing from a massive menu. Can be toggled on and off.
God Mode: You don't lose any HP or MP during battle. Can be toggled on or off.
Map Detail: Gives you a mind-numbing amount of detail when examining the map of a location.
No enemies or treasure boxes.
???: Unknown
Basic+1: Increases the basic level of the currently selected Golem by 1.
Class+1: Increases the class level of the currently selected body or sub-body by 1.

Debug Mode/Cheat Screen

Start a new game or load a save, then press L Bumper + R Bumper + C at the map screen. The screen will freeze here (don't worry, this is supposed to occur!) The, press the following buttons:Up, Down, Left, Right Once this is done, The Japanese debug mode menu will be displayed. Here's what each of the fourteen selections does (choose as many as you like): 1. Start/load a new game2. Player status menu (You can equip characters with new bodies and equipment here)3. Shop (you can buy any weapon, item, or body in the game here) 4. Press A to get 10000 gems (you can use this multiple times)5. Allows you to pass through a battle map without combat 6. Displays X and Y coordinates in combat 7. Allows free over world map movement (go to any location on the map) 8. Enable all attacks/magic spells for all your characters 9. Prevents HP/MP loss (Invincibility) 10. Displays Japanese interpretation of the map during combat. 11. Japanese map interpretation II 12. Makes an odd sound effect (doesn't affect gameplay as far as I know)13. Press A to increase your basic level by one 14. Press A to increase your class level by one

Kill All Enemies In A Level At Once
a) First go to the Japanese debug menu as submitted by Chris Warren.

b) Select items 5-10 and highlight them all at once by scrolling down and clicking the A button.

c) Then press B. You will then have no enemies left in that level and can proceed to the next level.



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