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5 Miles Out
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Welcome to Perfect. The ultimate virtual battlegrid. A Darwinian cyberstate where survival is a matter of real-world life and death. You are the Immercenary, a digital soldier of fortune blasted into the future to eliminate Perfect I, sinister SysOp of this digital deathworld.

Cheat Mode
While playing, press RS, RS, LS, A, C, B, Right, Left, LS, then hold X to enter cheat mode. If you entered the code correctly, a door will appear in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. To use this code, continue to hold X and press one of the buttons below.

Button Effect

A Increase Defense
B Increase Offense
C Increase Agility
LS Toggle Invincibility
RS Increase rank

Defeating Bosses

Do not kill Chance until all the lower bosses havebeen killed. Most of the bosses can be killed with Nukeya, orby standing in the healing spire and blasting away at them.

Finding crashed Rithms

If your TV is stereo/surround, listen to sound effectsin 3D. This is especially useful when looking for a nearby crashedRithm to Huffman, or for exploding enemy fire to determine wherethey are coming from.

If a crashed Rithm can not be seen no matter how much your characterturns, step back. It was probably right beside your character.

Finding spires

Look at the sky. The spires go all the way up and canbe seen at a distance.

Move without using agility

To do this, you must have the ''Pushya'' ammo algorithm. Face opposite the direction you want to go, and use it repeatedly. Pushya doesn't take any offense or agility to use, so if you have it you'll never get stuck again.

Multiple switchyas

Go the to the lake next to Silva's location with atleast one Switchya in the inventory. From the east side of thelake, go towards the fountain and shoot a Switchya towards theplume of the fountain. It should rebound back without being usedand increase the total number of Switchyas available by one.

Quick start

When first starting, find a DOAsys spire. Once there,rest, then go out and save the game in one of the nearby bluespires . To increase power, crash Goners and Huffman them. TheGoners are color-coded: yellow increases Defense more than others,red Offense, green Agility, and gray all three equally.

At first, only go for short forays outside the DOAsys. Go out,Huffman a few Rithms, and return. Once your character powerfulenough, travel farther and explore.

The next priority is to get power-ups. The two most useful power-upsin the game are the Boomerang and Nukeya. Only fire the Boomerangwhen it is locked on a Rithm, since its shots can deplete theOffense level rather quickly. Pick a target at a distance, thenlet go several boomerang shots after it is locked.

Rithm strategies

Do not try to lock on to Picassos. Weapons will losetheir lock when they turn edge-on . Just follow them at a mediumpace, leading your character's shots (that is, fire at where thePicasso will be when the shot gets there).

If there is a Tork around, there will probably be others.

Venuses always travel in pairs.



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