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American Laser Games
American Laser Games
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A live-action adventure that challenges your shooting skills by confronting banditos, renegades, and Mad Dog's men. Select one of three different guides and experience a variety of trails in a quest to beat Mad Dog to the lost gold and return with it to the old mission where the longest interactive battle ever filmed awaits the more-skilled game player!

Cheat Codes/Hints
Easy random targets

Some scenes present opponents that will appear in randomlocations. At times, some of these gunmen must be shot immediately.Using a standard controller and a GameGun, press P to immediatelypause the game when a target appears. Aim the GameGun at the gunmanand continuously shoot as P is pressed again to resumethe game.

Easy Targeting

You can move the targeting cursor while the game is paused if you are playing with a controller. This means you can pause the game as an enemy appears, move the cursor over them, and repeatedly hit fire as you unpause to shoot them much more easily and quickly.



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