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Cancel invulnerability

Enter the weapon selection option. Press A +RS.

Cancel no collisions

Switch to jetpack mode and press C(2) to displaythe weapon select screen. Press LS + Right/Down.

Enable farts
Highlight a game from the load game menu. Press LS + RS + B to start the game. Levels with the Butthead monster will be modified by the code.

Full ammunition

Hold LS + RS + Right + B+ C and allow Ox to complete at least one backflip. Theammunition for all weapons will be returned to full.

Full Inventory
Note: This only works on a standard controller.

While playing, press C + X to enter 3D map mode. Rotate the map on any axis. Press P, then LS + A + B + C while the map rotates back to the default view. Congratulations! You now have all the weapons and a jetpack.

Game bug

Older model Goldstar 3DO systems will crash when loadingcertain levels. Use the "Level skip" code to advancepast them. An updated version of the game that did have thisproblem was eventually released by Any Channel, the game's developer.

Use the frying pan as the current weapon. Press C, C to display weapon select option, then highlight the powerdrill and press A, RS. The words "KNEEL BEFORE ME!" will confirm this code.

To cancel invulnerability enter the Weapons Select menu and press A, RS.

Level Select
At the menu press LS, RS + Up, then press A to start a new game. From the difficulty menu press LS, RS + Down and select a difficulty level. Press B during Begin Transmission display, then highlight a level and press A to start the game at that level with the appropiate inventory.



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