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Quarterback Attack is the first professional quarterback simulator. It puts YOU in the helmet of a real quarterback! You don't just control him, you ARE the quarterback! In a stadium full of screaming fans, you're in control - calling the plays, dodging the defense, throwing the passes. Screw up and you'll have to answer to the coach: Iron Mike Ditka!

Game Guru Codes
These codes require a Game Guru. To use, patch any Quarterback Attack save file.

3 Time Outs Remaining VUXDWXF
0 Visitor Score KXXJWXF
69 Home Score WSTKWXF
1st Down SWXSWXF
1 Yard To Go LWXLWXF
1st Quarter ZWXFWXF
2nd Quarter YVXFWXF
3rd Quarter XUXFWXF
4th Quarter WTXFWXF



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