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ROAD & TRACK, the premiere automotive enthusiastic magazine, and Electronic Arts bring you the most advanced racing game ever. Race the world's most exciting supercars, each modeled after its real-life counterpart, on six challenging, scenic tracks. Pick your race: time trials, head-to-head, single race or tournament.

Black Ice code

Start off by playing the game for at least ten seconds in the Practice Mode. Now go into the instant replay and rewind to the beginning of the replay buffer. Next, press B on controller 1 PLUS X, P, and C on controller 2. If done correctly, the ''Car Crashed'' information flash will appear on the screen for a second. Now quit the game and choose to race against the clock on the Alpine track. When you reach Segment 3 of the Alpine track, the road will now be covered with black ice.

Driving Team Picture

There is a way to see some of the programmers of the game. Choose the ''Wall of Fame'' and then wait until the game's credits come up. Now press R in order to view a photo of the programmers. Press L when you want to go back to the regular background.

Hear horns

To hear the car's horns, press X at the select screen.

Nitro Charging Boost

As soon as you start a game, press L, R, and Up on controller 2. At the same time, press L, R, A, and C on controller 3. A message stating that there has been a crash will start flashing on the screen. Now exit the game and, in all the games you play afterward, engine torque and power will be 20% higher for the faster cars and 30% higher for the slower ones in order to keep them all at the same level.

Practice Mode

At the options menu, highlight Skill Level and quickly press:

X, R, A, L

To get this to work, hold each button down as you press them.

Turn Off Dashboard

During the game, switch to first person view and press the following on controller 2:

Up + L + A

Vs. Rocket Scooter

Start a new game. Quit after 15 seconds. Choose replay, and rewind all the way. Press R + Down + B on controller 2. Now start a brand new race.

Amazing Accidents That Don't Occur Cheat

When loading a race vesus the computer, press and hold L, R, and Left. When you get to the starting line, quit the game. Restart the game again. At the Loading screen, press and hold L, R, and Up. You'll get to the starting line: quit, again. Restart the game. At the Loading screen, press and hold L, R, and Right. Get to the starting line and quit. Start the game again, for the fourth and final time. At the Loading screen, press and hold L, R, and Down.

This time, race. Whenever you race, press X to make amazing accidents happen to cars near you.



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