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Team 17
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Seconds before the Soccer Cup final was to begin, a marauding alien pirate swoops down and steals the Soccer Cup trophy. Gloating on his latest acquisition, the careless alien collides with an orbiting satellite. The precious trophy is smashed into five pieces which fall back to Earth. Join Soccer Kid in his quest to recover and reassemble the scattered pieces of the Soccer Cup. Grab a ball. There's no time to lose!

Cheat Codes/Hints
Level Select

At the title screen, hit the following:

Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Right

Soccer Kid will say something, and during this, press B.

Level select

Press Up, Down, Up, Down,Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Rightat the title screen. Soccer Kid will say "Hey that's the cheat mode" to confirm correct code entry. Press Left or Right at the options menu to change the starting level.



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