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American Laser Games
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Planet-hopping pirates led by the scourge of the universe, the evil Captain Talon, have captured a ship of innocent space colonists. The player's Star Ranger must save the colonists and head off Talon's plans to rule the universe. The player will face hordes of pirates in an effort to collect energy crystals from a variety of worlds. The crystals power the star splitter cannon, the only weapon that can blast Talon and his misfits into another galaxy.

Cheat Codes/Hints
Mad Dog McCree ending

When asked to select a world, choose the lower leftsquare on the display. Shoot the large cow skull on the groundin the first scene. When you lose a life or shoot a hostage, thefinal scene from Mad Dog McCree will be displayed instead of thenormal sequence.

Secret Scene

Rescue the commander. After you enter the transporter, choose the TV monitor at the lower-left corner of the screen. When you arrive at that scene, you'll see a cow skull. Shoot it several times to unlock the hidden scene.



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