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Climbing into your cockpit, you smell the familiar scents of battle - the fresh rush of pure oxygen, the stench of sweat, the coppery tang of Durasteel. Your palms moisten as a rush of adrenaline quickens your pulse. You take what might be your last deep breath. Listening to the canopy hum overhead, you reach for the engage throttle button and brace yourself for launch. You're the Terran Confederation's best pilot. If you can't outsmart the Kilrathi cats, no one can! You've been summoned to defend the TCS Tiger's Claw - can you survive and continue the bloody battle against the Empire?

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Cheat mode

Hold X and press B(2), C(2), A(2)while in the Lounge screen. A sound effect will confirm correctcode entry. Release X, then press LS + RS+ P to display the cheat menu, where the following optionsmay be selected.
lhrctgy, aedfa yrtadhwlet fagydb

  • Music*: Play all the background music.
  • FMV*: Play all the cinema clips in the game, plus extra scenes that use live actors (FILM.MOV and UID.MOV).
  • Set system flags
Killable: Set to false to turn off pilot death.
Bangable: Set to false to turn off collision detection.
Picker: Set to true. Return to the lounge and cycle through the options until "Choose campaign" or "Choose mission" are spoken. This will allow selection of any mission in each of the three campaigns.
Finger of Death: Destroy all vessels (friendly or hostile) in the area by pressing LS + RS + B, only friendly vessels by pressing LS + B, or only Kilrathi vessels by pressing RS + B.

Hidden Cheat Menu

Enter the following at the lounge screen:

Hidden Cheat Menu
Hold X and press B, B, C, C, A, A. Release X and press Left Shift, Right Shift and Pause all at once.



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