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Fight as Gouki/Akuma (versus mode)
Choose versus mode from the title screen, then select the game speed with the Fierce Punch button. Highlight Ryu and press every button except the D-pad simultaneously. If you picked your character first, keep holding these buttons until the second player makes their choice. If the second player also wants to be Akuma he or she will also have to hold all six buttons.

Old Characters
Old Ryu Jab RRRL Old Ken Jab LLLR Old Feilong Jab LLRR Old Chun-Li Jab DDDU Guile Jab UDDD M.Bison Jab DUUD Sagat Jab UDDU Balrog Jab RLLR Vega Jab LRRL E.Honda Jab UUUD Blanka Jab RLLL Dee Jay Jab DDUU Cammy Jab UUDD Old T.Hawk Jab Old Zangief Jab LRRR Old Dhalsim Jab DDDU

Play as Gouki/Akuma in (Super Battle mode)
Choose the Super Battle mode from the Title Screen and select the game speed with the Fierce Punch button. Highlight Ryu for two seconds, then move directly to T. Hawk. Pause on him for two seconds, then move directly to Guile and wait for two seconds. From Guile, move to Cammy by passing through Dhalsim (go down one character, then right). After waiting on Cammy for two seconds, go to Ryu by moving directly to Ken and then up onto Ryu. Pause on Ryu for 2 seconds and then press all three Punch buttons and X simultaneously.



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