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Bullfrog Productions
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Think you can design and build the greatest amusement park in the world? You select the site, you layout the rides. In fact, you control every aspect of running a profitable amusement park; from hiring employees, to developing new rides, to maintaining an adequate supply of soft drinks. Any mistakes, and the bustling hordes of fun-seekers will let you know. Oh, and that Merry-go-round in flames is a clue too.

Game Pictures

Cheap roller coaster

Place a roller coaster entrance at any location, thenbuild the smallest loop possible with the least amount of sections.Open the ride, then immediately close it. The game will chargeyour account for the small ride. Remove the small loop and buildany sections as desired to the ride without being charged.
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Infinite Cash

Put in 'BOVINE' as a nickname. While playing, press A B and C.

Not getting stuck

Fill areas where the kids get stuck (such as in betweenthe Big Car Ride) with trees, lakes, and other objects, so thatthey bounce off and end up somewhere else easier.

Unlimited money

Start a game and enter BOVINE as a nickname.The sound of someone saying "yeah!" will confirm correctcode entry. Press A + B + C during game play.A window stating " has just cheated"will confirm that additional money has been added to your account.



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