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Cheat Codes/Hints
Game bug

Although the goals of some puzzles are accomplished,the game will not proceed to the puzzle completed screen. An exampleof this bug may be found in "Level 43: Mouse Dance", "Level71: Double Trouble," and "Level 73: Eightball In The Side Pocket".

Level 106: Cage The Critter

This puzzle requires just a little tweaking. Have the tennisball fall onto a switched outlet which turns on a fan blowingthe ball left. Use the boxing glove and seesaw to send the ballonto a trampoline on the floor under the scissors.

Level 109: Red Alert!

A lighted candle is the trick to lighting all of the rockets.And there are plenty of tools to work with. I placed my candleon a size 1 conveyor belt immediately to the left of the lip onthe lower brick floor. A bowling ball falling onto a seesaw lightsa bulb which lights the candle (via a magnifying glass, of course).A cannonball falls from on high (to give the candle time to light)onto a mouse motor connected to the conveyor belt which sendsthe lighted candle to the right to create the fireworks.

Level 10: Tricky Triggers

Practice with guns. Tie a rope from the left side of the seesawto the pulley below and then to the bottom gun. Place a pail underthe pulley on the left and tie a rope from the pail to the pulleyto a gun that you position to the right of the pulley.

Level 111: Set Off Fireworks

Speaking of fireworks, this one's a bit trickier since youhave to set off a chain reaction. Place a flashlight under thebaseball to light the rocket in the bottom right corner. The rocketshould crash into Bob the Fish which will lure the Pokey the Catonto the level with Mort the Mouse. Mort will run off to the leftwhere he should fall onto a pair of scissors placed so as to cutthe rope holding up the pail. Have the pail fall onto the dynamiteplunger blasting the tennis ball up into the air (make sure thedynamite is below and ever so slightly to the right of the ball)and onto a trampoline at the bottom of the narrow pipe channelunder the switched outlet. The ball should switch on the outletwhich should start an electric motor connected to a generatorwhich should power on a fan blowing a windmill connected to thejack-in-the-box. All that's left is to have the cannonball fallonto a flashlight next to the magnifying glass.

Level 115: Bop The Bucket

Which balls to use? How about the bowling ball in the topright, the baseball, and the cannonball in the bottom left. Placea seesaw with its lower-right end under the baseball and anotherseesaw with its lower-left end under the cannonball in the bottomleft. Position a size 1 incline four spaces under the bowlingball and adjacent to the far right wall. The bowling ball willdeflect to the left and land on the seesaw, flipping the baseballinto the gap between the incline and the short vertical blockto the right of where the baseball was. The baseball will rolldown the lower channel onto the seesaw where it should flip thecannonball into the channel on the left. There you should usea trampoline at the bottom of the channel and a seesaw with itsupper-right end at the top of the channel to direct the cannonballinto the boxing glove.

Level 117: Happy Second Birthday

Have the cannonball fall onto a trampoline and bounce intothe upper-right end of a seesaw. This should deflect the ballinto a boxing glove to the left of the pail.

Level 11: Like A Hurricane

Practice with switches and fans. Place a trampoline underthe right switch and a fan to its immediate left. The baseballwill fall on the trampoline and bounce back up, flipping the switch,turning on the fan, which will blow the balloon to the left sothat it turns on the middle fan. Finally, position a fan immediatelyto the right of the lower left switch.




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