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We are still searching for game pictures and screenshots for The Need For Speed (3DO). We do not have any game pictures or screenshots yet.

Additional views

Start a race and select the inside-the-car view. PressA + LS + Up on controller two to change views.The interior of the car will disappear and will be replaced witha color-coded band. Press A + LS + Up totoggle display of the status icon and rear view within the color-codedband.

Development team on City bridge

The programming staff can be seen looking down fromone of the early bridges in the City track.

Game Guru Codes

Note: A disc is required to use the following codes.

Switch to manual transmission on any difficulty level
Switch to automatic transmission on any difficulty level

Hearing the horns

To hear each car horn, press X on the selectscreen when each car is displayed.

Map zoom

Press P during a race to display the coursemap. Press C to zoom in on the track.

Practice mode

From the main menu, enter the options menu. Highlight"Skill Level", then quickly hold X + RS+ LS + A (in order). The skill level indicator willturn from yellow to pink to confirm correct code entry. Trafficand police will be removed from each track. No records will besaved in this mode.

Rocket scooter

Race the X-Man in any car for at least ten seconds(indexed on the radar detector). Press P and select the"Instant Replay" option. Rewind in replay mode to thebeginning of the race. Press RS + Down + Bon controller two. Return to the race, press P and selectthe "Quit" option. The scooter will inherit some ofthe characteristics of the car selected for the X-Man.

Tilt replay

During a replay, press LS and RS to tiltthe camera angle in all views except in-car.



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