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Winning Post is a Sports game, published by Koei, which was released in Japan in 1994.


Cheat Codes/Hints

A mare and stud with similar distance aptitude willincrease the chance of their foal having similar distance aptitude.An inbreed of 3x4 (or 4x3) is the optimal breeding combination.This means the same ancestor horse existed in the stud's pedigreethree generations back (or vice versa).

Good trainers

The following trainers have high experience levelsor strong connections with talented jockeys.

  • East: Shoji Oka, Yasuo Sato, Shuzo Kano, Kunio Hase
  • West: Kaoru Hoshi, Haruo Taka

Obtaining talented horses at a Farm Event

The Farm Event occurs when you become friends witha daughter or son of a Farm Manager. The chances of a horse becominga super horse increase with horses purchased from farms. Also,when the farm manager's child reaches the age of 16, he or shewill go to Jockey Training School. Your Friendship level withthat jockey will be high if the child becomes a jockey in yourregion.

  • Your Experience level must be higher than 1500.
  • You must own a foal from that farm.
  • The son or daughter must be at a Trade Farm other than Hiyakita and Shizunai.
  • You are not friends with any other Farm Manager's child.
  • Follow the steps below to make the Farm Event occur.
  • Raise your Experience level to 1500.
  • Find a Trade Farm (other than Hayakita and Shizunai). When the Farm Manager has a child under 16 years old select the INFO command at the Trade Farm. Select the command a couple of times before giving up, because the Farm Manager may not tell you about his child immediately.
  • Purchase a foal from this Farm at the Auction held in August.
  • Visit the Farm after the auction.

Obtaining talented horses at an auction

Ask a Trainer to accompany you to the auction. Listento the Trainer's advice and try to purchase the horses that herecommends. Trainers that you can trust are Tophi Sudo (East),Koichi Today (East), and Kaoru Hoshi (West).

Pedigrees and breeding

A horse's pedigree is important in determining it'sdistance aptitude. Refer to the following when viewing a horse'spedigree.

  • Sprinter: Both mare and stud have excellent speed and agility. Stamina is not as important.
  • Miler/Router: The stud must possess a good balance of stamina, agility, and speed.
  • Stayer: The stud has great stamina.

Promising horses

Selecting a strong horse in the beginning of the gameis essential. Descendants of the stud, Sunday Peace, are promising. The following are strong horses who have higher chances of winningraces.

  • Studs: Sunday Peace, Airport Adams, Jumping Gallant
  • Mares: Sherry, Horizon, Windsor Bloom, Diana Actress, Holy Opretta, South Battle, Popcorn Talent, Mama Princess, Marish, Mage Simone and Snowy Beauty.

In the first year of game play, Yale Escape, Otto of America,and Third Stage are your best bets. Of these three horses, YaleEscape is the best choice.

Race schedules

Trainers schedule a horse's racing schedule aroundGrade 1 races, regardless of the horse's distance aptitude. Thus,sometimes a trainer may want to enter a Sprinter in the SpringEmperor's Cup which is a grueling 2 mile race. Keep this in mindwhen scheduling your horse's races. Even if you don't have enoughExperience to Register your horses in races using the STABLE-REGISTERcommand, you can still answer NO when the Trainer asks if he canenter your horse in a race and thus be selective.

Raising your experience level

Select "Watch" for your horses' races underthe Options-Races command, and go to the racetrack for the races.Rival owners may talk to you at the race. Your Experience levelwill increase if your horse wins against a rival owner's horsewhile finishing in third place or better. The amount of experienceyou gain will vary according to a rival owner's Experience level.




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