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Sculptured Software
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The monsters are on the loose, heading out of their caves in the badlands and into the cities. They are coming to cause chaos, cry havoc and inflict terrible destruction, as they search for the Roc's eggs. The giant horned ogre and the hideous dragon are out to seek revenge on the humans who have for so long driven them back into the highlands. Destroy the towns to find Roc's eggs, take them back to your cave, then providing that you can beat off the challenge from the other monsters and collect a hoard of five eggs, you will head off the volcano and find the golden egg to win the game.

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Extra Health

Once your health meter is completely full, eat two more items of food and your total health will increase.

At the start of each screen you'll find various buildings. Blow fire over them, and then hit them. This will make them fall down a lot faster. When you burn or knock down a house you get an egg. To beat the other monsters in a fight for an egg, don't jump around and breath fire, just hold your ground and punch forward. After three or four falls, your foe will stay down. Keep eating, even if it dosen't show any increase on screen, your health will skyrocket.



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