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Publisher: Limited
Developer: Limited
Release Date (US):
Jun 4, 2014


Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Limited, which was released in 2014.

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Aiming higher will increase the chances of clearing more bubbles below. Make sure to conserve your shots. Always switch to a different bubble color in order to make better matches.

Bank shots
Banking shots of the wall is difficult because the aiming line disappears after reaching the wall. However, with practice you will be able to judge where the ball will travel after the bounce. Use bank shots to get combos or hit difficult targets. Note: The fire bubble cannot be banked off the walls.

Black Holes
A Black Hole can only absorb three bubbles before disappearing. Depending on their position, it may be better to expend three bubbles to make them disappear instead of using difficult bank shots to get around.

Bubble dropping
Match a set of bubbles that holds other bubbles. If those other bubbles are not connected to any bubbles, they will drop. This will result in extra points because they drop into the cauldrons and helps complete the level faster.

Colorless bubbles
You will eventually reach levels with colorless bubbles. Connect them with your shots to make their color appear.

A good way to get points is by create consecutive matches to start a combo. "3 hit!", "4hit!", etc. will appear if done correctly. The longer the combo, the more spiders will appear on the bottom of your screen that will give you extra points when hit by dropping bubbles on their way to the cauldrons. Those spiders will disappear when you miss a match. After getting five matches in a row, you activate the hot pot power-up, which doubles your score. It will continue as long matches are made. Use this opportunity to drop as many bubbles as possible in the cauldrons below. If the level ends with hot pot active, you will get a bonus from all remaining bubbles.

Easy lives
Connect to Facebook and have friends actively playing the game. They can send you free lives and help unlock gates to levels.

Infinite lives
Normally you must wait a certain amount of time for your lives to be restored. However, if you advance the time on your device you can restore all your lives instantly (30 minutes per life). Then, change the time back to its correct value. Note: If playing the Facebook version, you must log out of Facebook first before advancing the time.



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