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Funzio, Inc
Funzio, Inc
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Want to build a Criminal Empire and crush your rivals?**************************************************THE FIRST-EVER GRAPHICAL CRIME GAME FOR IPHONE and IPOD TOUCH IS NOW LIVE IN THE APP STORE!**************************************************Become the toughest Mob Boss in Crime City!Rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city! Build up your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!______________________________TONS OF AWESOME FEATURES:- Massively Multiplayer Online Crime Game!- FIGHT and ROB other players LIVE!- 150+ POWERFUL Weapons and Cars to Buy- 80+ Real Estate...

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$100,000, 40 gold bars. No chain mail easiest cheat ever!
Its not much but it actually works, but only once a day. Type in code 592 520 028 in add mafia, withdrawl $100,000 then type code 772 821 457. Put the money in the bank so balance is zero has to be exactly $100,000 after first code, and then zero after second code. Log off and wait a few min. When you log in you will have $100,000 and forty bars, plus the $100,000 in the bank. Do not try more than once a day thats how you get noticed, and it wont work until 24 hours later. This is the first code I've ever had work, plus no bs chain mail. Any chain mail does not work I've tried them all. Enjoy!

Go to coffee shop if playing from facebook and it refills energy.

Full Stamina
If you set your phones clock hours/days ahead then open the game again your stamina will be refreshed to full.

Get free clothes
Tap on the clothing piece you like and it will ask if you want to buy it. Go back and you avatar will have it on. Press save.



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