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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a Strategy game, developed and published by TinyCo, which was released in 2014.

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4h Of July Event: Decor

The following items can be purchased for the indicated price.

American Flag: $2,000
Balding Eagle: 180 Clams
Blue Patriotic Flowers: $200
Colossal Firework: $2,000 (Mystery Box)
Democratic Donkey: 40 Clams
Patriotic Light Post: $200
Pixie Firework: $2,000 (Mystery Box)
Pocket Firework: $2,000 (Mystery Box)
Red Patriotic Flowers: $200
Republican Elephant: 40 Clams
Seven Flag Atlantis: Free (quest reward)
Sunburst Firework: $2,000 (Mystery Box)
White Patriotic Flower: $2,000 (Mystery Box)

4th Of July Event: Buildings

The following buildings can be purchased.

Deep Fried Everything
$10 and 5 experience per 2 hours
Stars and Skates
$10 and 5 experience per 2 hours
Giggity-up Carnival Stall
100 Clams
$10 and 5 experience per 4 hours
Traumatized Fish Carnival Stall
100 Clams
$10 and 5 experience per 2 hours
Shihoopy Carnival Stall
75 Clams
$10 and 5 experience per hour

4th Of July Event: Mystery Box

Enter the "Shop" menu, then tap the "Star" tab, to access the "Mystery Box" option. This item gives you a chance of winning 20 clams and 7,500 coins. It is also a requirement for one of the quests Peter gives you after creating the Stars and Skates building and Deep Fried Everything buildings, The box drops four types of firework structures that must be placed to complete the "United Slides of America Pt. 1" quest. You will then get the Water Park building for free.

4th Of July Event: Quests

The following quests are available during the event

Jealous Peter Pt. 1: Craft Rollerblading Bikini Peter.
Jealous Peter Pt. 2: Make Rollerblading Bikini Peter do Spinning Top, requires four hours.
Jealous Peter Pt. 3: Make Rollerblading Bikini Peter Sexy Skate, requires eight hours.
Patriotic Games Pt. 1: Build the Deep Fried Everything Restaurant, requires twelve hours.
Patriotic Games Pt. 2: Make Chris and Peter play Fat Leapfrong, requires twelve hours.
Patriotic Games Pt. 3: Place ten Fireworks. You can get the fireworks from the 4h of July Mystery Box.
United Slides of America Pt. 1: Place the Pocket Firework, Pixie Firework, Sunburst Firework, and Colossal Firework; all from the 4h of July Mystery Box
United Slides of America Pt. 2: Place the Seven Flags Atlantis park. This decor is obtained for free after completing the previous quest.
Limited Time: Patriotic Animal Collection (get the Democratic Donkey, Republican Elephant and Balding Eagle). This quest earns 75 clams.

4th Of July Event: Rollerblading Peter costume

Collect the following items to unlock the Rollerblading Peter costume.

  • 25 Cutoffs (common): Create the Stars and Skates building and Deep Fried Everything (ten hours to build each and costs coins). Tasks to be completed are: Bruce Spangle Some Stars and Stripes, Quagmire Steal Grease for Lube, Chris Eat Deep Fried Snack Cakes. The premium drop option is through the Shihoopy Carnival Stall building which costs clams. All of the tasks will require one hour. Chris and Quamire's tasks will require the Deep Fried Everything building while Bruce's task requires the Stars and Skates building.
  • 15 Bikini Tops (uncommon): Create the Stars and Skates building. Then get Lois Skate Sexily and Bonnie Skate Sexily, which also drops from the Traumatized Fish Carnival Stall building. The tasks require two hours.
  • 10 Rollerskating Pony (rare): The Deep Fried Everything building is required get Bruce to perform one of the tasks, however Jerome can do it immediately. Tasks to be completed are: Jerome Buy Cups for Stacked-Cup Drink, Mort Complain About Kosher Options. These tasks take four hours to complete. The ponies also drop from the Giggity-up Carnival Stall building, but that building costs clams.

American Dad reference

Tap Peter ten times and he will make a reference to American Dad.

  • Save clams for new buildings, which also will unlock new characters that can be assigned to money-making jobs.
  • Space is limited in Quahog for all the buildings that you need to purchase. To efficiently use this space, stack your buildings close together and remove all roads. Put decorations that were purchased to complete quests into your inventory.

  • Certain quests allow particular characters to perform specific actions. Completing them with that character will earn the normal amount of experience and money, plus bonus experience and coins for using that particular person.
  • Complete quests as soon as they become available and unlock new characters. The more characters you have, the more total actions you can have performed at the same time.
  • Repeating certain short tasks can be more profitable than completing one long task. For example, having Peter Surfs the Bird for one minute for five coins.
  • When you have to let the game play on its own, set characters to their longest tasks.
  • Check houses and businesses often to collect their revenue. Once they have reached their maximum amount, they will not earn any more until you collect their earnings. One of the best business to place is McBurgertown. At a cost of only 50 coins each, it will earn 10 coins per hour. Build ten to fifteen of them to have a constant flow of revenue.
  • Place items in storage to make room for more profitable businesses. Tap the "Move" icon, then the "Storage" icon. You can take stored items out at any time.
  • Connect to Facebook and visit your friends' towns to get clams and coins.



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