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Cheat Codes/Hints
Balloon Popper
Pop a balloon will give you extra gold coins.

Complete Missions Reward
If you are asked to compete missions, go for it, because you can gain lots of gold and goodies from them.

You know you see cars going by? For this, you need a car and a toy shop. If you click on the car and the person walks to the toy store, he should also buy a balloon. When they get back in their car, at the last second, tap the balloon and the person should be waving while he's in the car.

Because Flooz are extremely tricky to find, invest them carefully. You can generate valuable things out of your buddies. Try to visit their towns on an every day basis. If you are low on wood, you are able to plant trees within the forest area. You can generate extra gold by touching the popping balloons in your town. You receive a bonus, adding up to 100 gold. If waiting to allow them to drift up in to the air first.



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