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Your favorite pioneering adventure game takes you on an exciting, historic, side-scrolling adventure with your Nintendo DSi system. Take the Oregon Trail experience further than ever before with all of the decision-making and problem-solving fun of the original game plus additional challenges. Leave your mark on America's history. Take a picture of yourself at each landmark with the Nintendo DSi system's built-in camera. You'll have your portrait and party's name printed in the Daily Oregon Trail newspaper in the game. Play eight skill-based mini-games that will impact your resources:...

Cheat Codes/Hints
Easy money
Go to the post located at each fort and begin the mini-game. Intentionally lose just before the mini-game ends. You will be prompted if you want to play again for a bonus. Select "No" to return to the fort with $1 for each correct tap you had previously made. Repeat the process to earn as much money as desired.

Easy money earnings in disasters
While playing the game a fire or tornado may appear and you need to pay your escape or lose crops cash. Simply strike your home button and exit game to clear your cache and also end all procedures (You can try job killer for this) to end all. When you go back into game the disasters will not be ther and you never ever lose anything.



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