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Easy LPS and reindeers
First go visit your neighbors (at the party boat)
Pick your sim click on Santa and reindeer pops up
Return home

You will have a free reindeer and get three LPS. Repeat the above to get all the LPS you my need and the reindeers will be in the pet store free each sim can have to even if the have dog or cat.

Easy simoleons
Make sure that all your Sims are engaged in an activity. Then, enter the system settings for your device and advance the date by two years or more. Shut down the app from the list of running programs. Start playing the game and check the in-game mailbox or bank to find additional money.

Gardening overnight
Plant overnight and in your spare time. Extra money is always good to have, especially when you need it to construct buildings for quests. Also, if you have school or work, you can plant things for extra cash then, too. Plus, you can get a lot of XP and from planting, meaning you level up faster and therefore earn more LPs. Finally, artifacts for your monuments pop up a lot, so you will be able to upgrade them faster. Note: You might want to turn a house plot into a gardening plot by demolishing the house and placing garden plots there. The more patches, the more money and XP you get.

Grim Reaper Tips
The Grim Reaper shows up to "stalk" senior sims with timers that are at least one fourth full. If seniors are ready to die at a different location, the Reaper will come there to take the Sim. He likes to grill and may occupy a BBQ.

Highchair Glitch (Easy Simoleons)
With 0 SP in your possession, open the store that sells items for kids. Access the Infants section. Choose the white highchair and buy it. Even though you don't have any funds, you can make the purchase. Continue purchasing it as often as you like, then sell the chair for easy profit.

How to complete the quest of buying anything
If you want to complete a quest of buying anything just for my instructions: Just have a preview of a big desinger house from the option of building a house that's all you need to do. It will automatically detect. Don't buy anything if you don't have to.

How to finish your plant in no time
Get every one of your sims planting green beans get out of game and double tap the iphone or ipod square hold the sims freeplay app and delete. 'Not the game' go to settings,general,date and time and change the date to July 1, 1985 go back to the game and get back out go to setting,general,time and date then tap on set automatically then go back to the sims freeplay and go to the city. Go back to the house they were planting in and they should all be done planting.

How to get a pool
Most people say you have to be level twenty to get a pool. Well, you don't I believe you can be as low as level thirteen depending on how many quests you have completed. So don't try to level up, just pay attention to your quest and you will have a pool in no time.



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