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THE ONLY 100% FULLY SNAPPABLE GAME ON XBOX ONE!Threes is tiny puzzle that grows on you. Explore our little games deep challenge and grow your mind beyond imagination. Endless challenge from one simple game mode An endearing cast of characters A heart-warming soundtrackThrees! is also one of the first games that can be played in Snap Mode! Try it out!

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Combine tiles
Drag gradually in a direction to see what will occur with the tiles. The tiles will appear to overlap if they are going to combine. The tiles will move over if they will merely move. If that move is your finest, use this sneak peek to choose. Drag back to your beginning area after the sneak peek to prevent in fact carrying out that move.

General Gameplay Strategy
This isn't really a time-based game and it's everything about ratings. In this game you're stagnating one specific piece at a time - you're moving all the tiles on the table. The most commonly accepted technique of succeeding in Threes! is to obtain your high-scoring cards in among the corner and constantly move cards because direction. The slow-moving slide motion is a great way of seeing exactly how a step will work out. Just drag in the direction you're thinking of going, however don't take your finger off the display. Slide back to the initial position if you don't wish to make the step. Match little cards initially considering that they aren't worth any points when you lack turns, they have actually restricted matching choices in other places, and once finished to a greater value, makes them far more helpful to pair with other cards.

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How to unlock

Increase tiles value
Rather of requiring matches, permit the board to run its course and matches will take place ultimately on their own. Continue matching on the outdoors and managing the board and ultimately numbers will come together. In addition, match the low-value tiles initially to eliminate mess and increase the worth of the tiles still in play.

Instead of forcing matches, allow the board to run its course and matches will happen eventually by themselves. Continue matching on the outside and controlling the board and eventually numbers will come together.

Previewing moves
Drag slowly in a direction to preview what will happen with the tiles. If they are going to merge, the tiles will appear to overlap. If they will simply move, the tiles will slide over. Use this preview to decide if that move is your best. Drag back to your starting location after the preview to avoid actually executing that move.

Tile placement
New tiles are placed into rows or columns that just moved. Use this to your advantage by moving the row you want a new tile to appear in. The direction you swipe also matters; the tile will be appended on the "tail" end of the row.

White tile values
All of the white tiles on the board will be added up to generate your total score at the end of a game. The number on the white tile is worth a certain number of points.

1: 0 points
2: 0 points
3: 3 points
6: 9 points
12: 27 points
24: 81 points
48: 243 points
96: 729 points
192: 2,187 points
384: 6,561 points
768: 19,683 points
1,536: 59,049 points
3,072: 177,147 points
6,144: 531,441 points



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