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Deathlord is a Role-Playing game, published by Electronic Arts, which was released in 1987.

Cheat Codes/Hints
10000 gold the easy way

This cheat to earn gold without major combat relies on guards moving in diagonal directions toward you whenever they can--even into dead ends.

Visit the Goros armory east of the docs. Steal armor from the top Kobito and sell it back until you get caught. Wait for forty turns. Three guards are in dead ends.

Go west to the docks and attack the merchants. Unlock or bash the door behind to find urns with ~10000 gold total. Pool it to a nonleader midway through so you don't reach your maximum. Head clockwise around the docks and wait in the southwest for ten turns to bring out the final guard group. Run back east and wait thirty more moves and now you can walk west and take the south exit to leave. If you want to make extra sure the guards don't catch up when an NPC blocks you, you can go 6 south and wait 10 moves. The guards are 2-3 squares away--but tucked in a corner.

Now save, reboot and, from the Character Options menu, disperse and reassemble your party so the guards forget your actions.

255-use Holy Symbol

To start the game, create a Shisai and have him buy a lockpick from the general store in Kawa. Then have him buy a Holy Symbol and say Y when asked if you want to replace it. The new Holy Symbol will have 255 charges and not the 10-12 if you'd just bought the Symbol. Have your Shisai use the Symbol liberally against the recharging Yokahama skeletons for easy gold and experience.

Quit fight to advance

When battling Kawahara in level 6 of the dungeons below the palace, you can get by him with a relatively weak party. Just make sure someone has his full hit points, so that when he casts a spell that damages everyone, a party member dies and another survives. The game automatically saves whenever a party member is killed, which seems bad. But if you reboot and restart immediately after someone gets killed, Kawahara isn't there--the computer considers you as having fought him--and you can get the important document behind him.

And if you're in really bad shape, perform the more prosaic cheat of dispersing your party and reassemble them so you restart outside Kawa and don't have to fight your way back up.

Spellcaster experience glitch

Deathlord doesn't give characters experience for a fight unless they do something, which is nasty, since it's your spellcasters who need it the most. Fortunately you can have each of your back three type "C" and cancel--it works if you have no power as well. You only need to do this once per combat to let them share in the experience points.



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