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Prepare yourself for a grand adventure: Ultima IV, sixteen times larger than Ultima III, is a milestone in computer gaming. Lord British has produced a game to challenge, not only your physical and mental skills, but the true fabric of your character. The evil triad of Mondain, Minax, and the hellspawn Exodus, have been vanquished and peace reigns throughout the land of Britannia. Evil yet abounds, but in isolated pockets and in the hearts of men. A new age awaits the coming of one who can conquer evil on all frontiers through the mastery of both magic and the use of force. Daemons, dragons,...

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Moongate waiting

You can hit Z for Ztats to wait indefinitely for a moongate to come back into phase without spending any turns. This is handy if you are poisoned or chased by a monster, or you want to farm Mandrake or Nightshade unmolested.

Quick statistics for the whole party

To power up for the Abyss, Jimmy lock the door behind the secret doors leading to the north part of Lord British's Castle. Descend to Hythloth. Cast exit and enter Hythloth (or descend and cast up.) The power ball on the first level gives +5 stats to everyone and recharges when you exit (2W 2N U and back.) But once everyone's dead, they're kicked back to...Lord British's castle, where you can try this again, for the price of a magic key and a spell (30 gold.)

Robin Hood tactics for early gold

You can steal from Lord British's treasury as much as you want--just take the stairs up and down nearby. Because there is no penalty for (or once) your honor, justice and honesty hit zero, you might as well take what you can. You can recharge these virtues by overpaying reagent sellers by one gold.

Mystic Armor is not unique

If you find the mystic armor/arms and have all seven companions, have everyone equip them. Then search again. The arms/armor are there if you have none in your inventory. They sell for large amounts of gold, too.



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