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Prepare for the power, speed and thrills of Hydro Thunder super-boat racing! Mighty Hull your way to the finish line of the most treacherous water courses imaginable! With turbo-charged Boosts and monstrous jumps, only your fears stand in the way!


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding boat.

Banshee: Complete all Easy tracks in third or better place.
Cutthroat: Complete all Medium tracks in second or better place.
Rad Hazard: Complete all Medium tracks in second or better place.
Razorback: Complete all Medium tracks in second or better place.
Thresher: Complete all Easy tracks in third or better place.
Tidal Blade: Complete all Easy tracks in third or better place.

Disable catching up

Hold Low View + High View and hold the Throttle in "Reverse" before choosing a boat at the selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Catching up by other boats while you are in the lead will be disabled.

Hidden Track
Hydro Speedway TrackAt the Choose Track screen, highlight the Lake Powell track and quickly press the Pilot button three times

Hydro Jumps
The key to mastering Hydro Thunder is learning to use Hydro Jumps effectively. To perform one of these jumps, pull the Throttle into the Reverse position, then press the Boost button while holding the Throttle in Reverse. You must have Boost fuel in order to perform a Hydro Jump, and the amount of time you hold down the Boost button determines how high you will go. Hydro Jumps are effective for clearing obstacles, grabbing boosts, and reaching certain shortcuts.

Misc. Unlockables
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Hard BoatsFinish one race successfully.
New York DisasterBeat 3 Race Tracks
Nile AdventureBeat 5 Race Tracks

New York Disaster shortcut

Just after the start when you enter the first tunnel, you will see a checkered pattern on the left wall (just before the exit the tunnel). This is a shortcut that will bring you where the revolving door would, and will take you five or so places further in the race.

Nile Adventure track

Enable the "Hydro Speedway track" code. Earn a free game during game play on the Hydro Speedway track. The Nile Adventure track will be unlocked during the free game.

Quick start

Set the Throttle to "Stop" before the pre-race countdown. Push the Throttle to "Full" as "3" disappears. Push the Throttle to "Stop" as "2" disappears". Push the Throttle to "Full" as "1" disappears. If done correctly, you will have a quick start with four extra seconds of fuel.



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