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Action > Shooter > First-Person > Arcade
Argonaut Games, Virgin Interactive
Argonaut Games
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We have no idea what's out there but whatever it is, it isn't friendly. Take no chances: shoot anything that moves. It took Argonaut 3 years to cram this Double CD full of stunningly rendered 3D environments. Play this eerie, creepy game at night with the lights out and your headphones on, if you dare!!!

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Cheat Codes/Hints
Cheat Menu

On the title screen, hold down the II-Button and move the pointer to the upper left corner, upper right corner, bottom right corner, and then to the bottom left corner, clicking the I-Button at each corner. After doing so, with the II-Button still held down, highlight the letters of the title and click the I-Button on each letter to spell out "CHEAT." (Make sure for "E" you click on the first "E" of "Creature.") Once you click on the last letter, the cheat menu will pop up. From here you can turn the sound effects on and off, select any level to start from, or watch the game credits.



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