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Bally/Midway, Coleco
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Spy Hunter... considered armed and extremely dangerous. You control the turbo charged race car/hydro spy boat. You control a deadly arsenal of missiles, machine guns, oil slicks and smoke screens. Multiple nerve-shattering spy-action screens. Sophisticated spy-challenging graphics. This is hardly a game. It's a high-speed test of your secret agent skills. Meet the challenge and survive SPY HUNTER!

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Cheat Codes/Hints
Control the Supply truck

To control the supply, beat the game three times then start a new game. Go into the Supply Truck at the very beginning of Level 1 and then get out. Next time you see the Supply truck on the side of the road, ram into it until it crashes off the course. Then die yourself. When you start palying again you'll be in control of the supply truck which goes much faster tha your normal vehicle and is more powerful too.



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