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Taito Corporation
Taito Corporation
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Meet Bub and Bob, two of the busiest beasties you ever saw, as they battle their way across 100 levels of controlled chaos in search of their girlfriends (ahhh!). Jump around picking up goodies and secret weapons as you seek to outsmart your enemies, but beware... hang around too long and you'll face Baron von Blubba, from whom there's no escape! Bubble Bobble will blast your brain and bruise your senses!

Cheat Codes/Hints
Sound Test

First, connect an extra joystick in the Famicom's expansion port. At the title screen, press Up-Right in the extra joystick and Down-Left in controller 1 at the same time. (If you can find a way of pressing all 4 crosspad buttons on controller 1, then you don't need the extra joystick). If done right, you'll hear a sound. Now, hold either Right, Left, Up, Left + Select, Right-Down, Left-Down, Up-Left or Up-Right controller 1 and press A on controller 2 to hear the different music and sound effects.



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