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The sequel to EA Sports' Fight Night 2004 maintains the original's analog control scheme and introduces a variety of new features. Now you have access to even more punches, including a new "haymaker" punch that is just powerful enough to knock down your opponent. Every hit counts in this game, as injuries reduce a fighter's ability to defend himself. Your cut man can tend to your injuries in between rounds to help you survive your opponent's devastating punches.

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Extra fight store items
Although you can turn pro at any time, winning an Amateur title belt will unlock equipment you cannot find elsewhere.

Hint: Apollo Creed created boxer (Rocky 1)

Name: Apollo Creed
Home: Washington D.C
height: 6'7"
Nickname: Master Of Disaster
Style: Orthodox (balanced)
Skin: Dark
Increase muscle so that the six pack is very visible (without making his body really big)
Hair: Small afro (black)
Everything else: Default
Facial Hair: Full mustache or mustache
Shoes: White or red mids
Trunks: Stars and stripes
Gloves: Red
Stats: All maxed

Hint: Avoiding knockouts
In order to avoid a knockout, when your opponent gets close to you perform a grab. You will then exit knockout mode.

Hint: Better ring performance
Pimp out your ring entrances. The more extravagant they are, the more the crowd will like you and the better you will perform.

Hint: Clubber Lang created boxer (Rocky 3)

First Name: Clubber
Last Name: Lang
City: Chicago
Height: 6'7"
Stance: Orthodox
Face Shape: Default
Gloves: Pro 1
Trunks: Anything light blue or black
Shoes: Custom blue with feathers
Hair: Mohawk (black)
Facial Hair: Full scruff (black)
Skin: Dark

Hint: Easier wins
Become skilled with the jab and straight combo. The CPU will parry it after a few times. Then, throw your hook or uppercut.

This will work in any fight. Constantly Haymaker your opponent. When he is in knockdown mode, Haymaker them one more time to knock them down. Sometimes you can hit them even more when there on their way down. In hard mode do not try to Haymaker frequently, as you will miss a lot and your opponent can hit you harder.
Dustin Dill.

Go to the settings and turn off illegal blows. When fighting, use an illegal blow. It is a lot more effective than a normal punch.

Hint: Eugene created boxer (WWE)
Note: You can use his real name (Nick Dinsmore).

First Name: Hello (cause of his name tag)
Last Name: Eugene
Nickname: Captain Insanity
Hometown: Indianapolis, USA
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Stance: Orthodox
Style: Balanced
Skin: Fair
Height: 6' 1"
Hair Style: Mop Top
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Brow: Easy Tweeze
Facial Hair: Full Scruff
Gloves: Pro Gloves VI
Trunks: Double Edged I
Shoes: EA Hi-Pros VI
Stats: Max

Hint: Faster first round knockouts
Go to the "My Corner" screen, then go to options. Turn on the 3 knock out rule. Knock your opponent down three times in the first round. Try to do this as fast as possible and beat 59 seconds. You should now have the fastest KO record.

Start a new career and go pro immediately. Go to the settings and turn on 3 knockdown (T.K.O.). Fight the rank 49 boxer and constantly Haymaker him. If he starts blocking, do a Haymaker on the other side. Once you are in Knockdown mode you will need one more Haymaker to knock him down. Once he gets back up it will take about four Haymakers to knock him down again. Try to knock him out in 59 seconds to get the fastest knock out record.



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