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You've found the secret map to the underground lair of the dreaded Minotaur. You can go in, but you'll never come out unless you slay the Minotaur and claim his Tarmin treasure. As you make your way through the hallways and chambers, monsters wield their conventional or spiritual weapons. You must gather the proper defenses along the way. But use them sparingly, the Minotaur looms closer!

Cheat Codes/Hints
Pause Game

During gameplay, press 1 and 9 on the keypad.

Quick increase in War HP trick

When playing the game, and you have built up a good amount of armor against War weapons (this is your left hand stat on the 2nd row down in the lower right hand corner, if you are not sure which I'm talking about), there is a little trick you can do to get lots of HP for War. Along your way through the dungeon, you'll likely find a book that turns your War HP score blue, beige, or white. These books make it easier for you to gain points by resting after a battle. If you have one of these activated, it makes the trick a lot more effective. After you have found one, and you've used it, you need to purposely run out of arrows for your bow. It might take a while, if you've picked up a lot. When you are out of arrows, go up to a weak enemy and attack it using the bow. Obviously, you'll get a loud buzzing tune, saying you don't have arrows. The monster will retaliate. Press the attack button again. Again, you'll not have anything to shoot, and the monster will again retaliate. Each time you do this, you have potential to gain 1 HP in war after the battle is over. If you have used an enhancement book like I mentioned above, it's almost a certain point. Repeat the process until you are satisfied. Then switch to another weapon and slay the monster. When the monster perishes, hit ''rest''. However many points you earned will be added to your HP score, provided you have enough food to cover the increase (1 unit of food per point gained, and there are 6 food units in each sack of flour you find in the maze).



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