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Look out! The nasties are back and they're after your energy bases. Hungrees, Splitters, Diamondbacks and Prizums (to name just a few) gobble up your bases and attack your energy block. Build a base before they can tear it down and you advance to the next game level with more points and meaner nasties to confront. 00 game levels are possible. We dare you to get past level 10.

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Secret message from the developer

Be forewarned: you need to be an expert at this game before you try this, and even then, it's almost impossible to pull off. There is no confirmation if you get it right at each step. Know this before you start: the nine positions that the Energy Block can be in are internally numbered from 0 to 8 (0 is far left, 8 is far right, 4 is the middle and the starting position for each level). 1. Enter 9 for the number of players. This will start a single-player game. 2. Finish Level 1 with the Energy Block in position 0. 3. Press 0 to begin Level 2. 4. Finish Level 2 with the Energy Block in position 5. 5. Press 5 to begin Level 3. 6. Finish Level 3 with the Energy Block in position 1. 7. Press 1 to begin Level 4. 8. Finish Level 4 with the Energy Block in position 5. 9. Press 5 to begin Level 5. 10. Finish Level 5 with the Energy Block in position 5. 11. Press 5 to begin Level 5. 12. Finish Level 6 with the Energy Block in position 8. 13. Press 8 to begin Level 6. 14. Finish Level 7 with the Energy Block in position 7. 15. Press 7. Before you begin Level 8, you will get the message "MARK H URBANIEC SEZ WATCH YOUR AIM"

Hidden Message

Once you complete level 99, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the words 'Congratulations you are very good'



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