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Interwave Studios, Iceberg Interactive
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Dark Matter (2013) is an Action Adventure game, developed by Interwave Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive, which was released in 2013.

Cheat Codes/Hints
Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 17 Steam Achievements.

A bigger, better, scalier rat.
Kill the Samurai that's wrecking the maintenance power conduits.
Big spaceship lights
Enable power in the Process Control level.
Collect the Shotgun.
Dance little flames, dance
Spread fire to 5 enemies in under 20 seconds.
Ensign Crawlerbane
Kill 50 crawlers, of any description.
Ensign Livingstone, I presume
Kill an Exploder, a Baby Crawler, a Crawler, a Big Cousin, a Seeker and a Samurai.
Firestarter, twisted firestarter
Collect the fire ammo blueprint.
First Ooze
Kill your first Scavenger enemy.
Get off my ship!
Kill the Scavenger Queen.
Good girl
Complete the training level all the way through to the exit portal.
It's time for science!
Reach the laboratories hub.
Mad engineer
Collect the full set of F. Magnusson logs.
My little friend says hello
Collect the Assault Rifle.
Semper fodder
Collect the full set of B. Kowicz logs.
Skipping School
Skip the training level by exiting through the very first portal.
The bunny o' war
Collect the Grenade Launcher.
Unfortunate survivor
Collect the full set of N. Fortunate logs.



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