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Cheat Codes/Hints
Steam Achievements
Casanova vs. Carrot-Top
Torn between polar opposites... what's a girl to do?
Dedicated Follower of Fashion
They'll give me a free copy of the magazine, right...?
Don't Hate the Player
Sometimes a girl's got too much love to give!
Gal Pals
Do you wanna walk home together...?
Gal Pals Night on the Town
Whatever, it's not like I wanted to date a boy or anything...
Holy Palmers' Kiss
Two blushing pilgrims is about right
All spinning, all the time
The Bookish One
I don't... dislike you. I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.
The Cute One
Ah, how old would you say I look...?
The Emo One
Maybe if I don't sleep in today, maybe if I go to class, maybe she'll be there.
The Flirty One
You should know by now... that I'm no gentleman.
The French One
I want to show you Strasbourg in the summer! (Secret)
The Sporty One
Out of everything here, I think I'm going to miss you the most...



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