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Play as Max Cooper, an SSF agent whose journey to a deserted oil producing community with a group of scientists has led to an outbreak of infection back at their research facility.Fight hard for survival as you battle the hordes of fierce infectees in this action survival game.

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Cheat Codes/Hints
Steam Achievements
Battle Born (10)
Achieve 15000 experience points in the campaign
Exterminator (10)
Complete the lockdown mode with agent Stan
Exterminatress (10)
Complete the lockdown mode with agent Muda
First Aid Junky (10)
Use 40 meds in the campaign
First Contact (10)
First encounter with zombies
Greenhorn (10)
Die 20 times in the campaign
Head Hunter (10)
Perform 300 headshot in the campaign
Immortal (10)
Complete the lockdown mode without dieing
Overkill (10)
Kill 500 zombies in the campaign
Overwatch (10)
Complete the lockdown mode with your men alive
Survivor (10)
Complete the campaign
Ultimate Survivor (10)
Complete the campaign without dieing



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