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Amazing Frog? is an Action game, developed and published by FAYJU, which was released in 2013.

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Change stereo music

Press Y next to the stereo to pick it up then press Y again. When you press Y you will throw the stereo, but it will also change the song it is playing. Also, stereos can all be playing different songs; you can change the song on one and it will not change the others. There are a total of four songs that can be played.

Coffee cup #1
  • Day 1: From the starting area, run to the flag pole with no flag. Look at the ledge to the right of garbage can to find the cup.
  • Day 2: Instead of the cup being on that ledge, it will be on the corner ledge next to the tree in the same area diagonally from where it was on Day 1.

Coffee cup #2
  • Day 1: On the window ledge of the Fayju office.
  • Day 2: It sitting on the Fayju building corner ledge above where it is lit green, pink, and white.

Fajyu's office

This can be done during both days. Go down the stairs to the parking lot and look at the building that reads "Fayju"(across from frog court building). While looking at it, two of the windows are white. Use the trampoline in the parking lot to launch your frog at the white area. Instead of smashing into a wall, you will land in a completely white room. The room is game creator Fajyu's office with its window view.

Getting outside of Swindon

Get to the area with the bouncy castle. While looking at the castle from the front, look left and go to the trampoline. Use the trampoline to get on top of the white building next to the one that reads "Frozies Swindon Hotel". When on top the white building, run towards the other white building behind the Frozies Hotel and you should fall outside the map. To get back in, run through the building you were just on the parking garage wall.

Stretch frog's neck for extra points

Reach the crash with the frog milk tanker (to the right of the parking lot). Once there, get behind the car that is being bent by the frog milk tanker. Have your frog fall down and slide him as far in as possible under the car. Then, stand up and run toward the front of the car. If done correctly, his neck will completely stretch. If it stretches in the correct location on the car you should start getting lots of points, or he will have looked like he was the one driving and crashed it, causing his face to hit the windshield and stretch his neck. This works on both days.

Giant soccer ball

From the starting area, find the blimp holding a red crate. If you cannot find it, turn view until it appears. There are actually two of them; the lower blimp is the one you want. Go to the area next to the bounce castle. It will have a fan and three trampolines. Use the three trampolines to bounce yourself into the crate and get the giant soccer ball. Note: Since the last update this is in Day 1 at the menu screen; they added another day/level.



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