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Alderan Gaming
Alderan Gaming
Release Date (US):
Sep 20, 2010


This is the sequel to Wizards 1, with updated graphics, new abilities, over 170 quests, improved leaderboards, quick time events (dodge, avoid trap...), the introduction of ability combos and effects, achievements, and much more. An evil has overthrown this land. The king hasnt been quite himself since the attack on the kingdom of Elvenwood 77 years ago. The sea captains treasure has gone missing, and the Wizards Council has lost the scent of the evil source. With the world in turmoil, a hero rises from the unlikeliest of places to protect and save the land. Play as a Brawler, Marksman, or...

Cheat Codes/Hints
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We are still searching for cheats, codes, and hints for Wizards 2 RPG (Palm webOS). We do not have any cheats, codes, or hints yet.


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