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Bungie Software, Bandai
Bungie Software
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It takes cunning as well as firepower to face legions of vicious aliens in two heart-stopping action epics for twice the thrills - and value! From the first round of ammo to the last, it's your choice: Space Hero or Space Dust! Blaze into lightning-quick action in more than 80 combined levels of 3D texture-mapped thrills! Blast your way to glory with an awesome arsenal of everything from 45 magnums and shotguns, to high-tech eradicators including rocket launchers, flamethrowers and more! Blow your mind with dynamic stereo sound, interactive lighting effects and in-your-face carnage!

Cheat Codes/Hints
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We are still searching for cheats, codes, and hints for Super Marathon (Bandai Pippin). We do not have any cheats, codes, or hints yet.


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