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FIFA Soccer 08 challenges players to master the skills required to play like a pro soccer player. Fans around the world can experience the same highs and lows of real-world players and tackle the challenges they face on a daily basis. FIFA Soccer 08 puts you on the pitch to defy the odds, perfect your skills, elevate your game and rise up to win glory for your club.

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Be a pro Co-op season
Midfield is easy because you can stay up front like a striker or go in to defence if you prefere defending and the tasks will be easier.

Challenge Mode Hint
The size of reward earned in Challenge Mode depends on the team you used for the challenge. Use a club with a lower star rating than your opponent to maximise the points awarded for success.

Easy goals
To get the most out of corners, aim towards where the most people are (slightly to your left if you are taking it from the right side of the pitch and vice versa) then set it to full power by holding Circle. As soon as it comes in, keep tapping Circle and someone will header it in.

When the goal keeper throws the ball to a defender, quickly tackle the defender and hold L1 and press Circle. Almost always this will chip the keeper, as he cannot get back to the line in time. This makes for a good replay, and also works from half way if you can time it correctly.

In Bayern Munich there will be a player called something Kroos (I forget) he is 64 and is 17 yrs old but he goes upto 87.

Lots of money
This works with any team. Whay you do is before you start manager mode, the team you want just tranfer some good players on the team that you are selecting. (I would pick these two players Ronaldo (Manchester United) Ronaldinho (Barcelona). This will make you have lots of money if you are struggling.

Manager Mode Tip
When you pick your first season team, you should stay with them for at least 3 seasons, because if you quit before that, you wont be able to go any other good team.

Manager mode: Spending experience points
In Manager mode, access the experience points menu. Near the top of the screen is an option you can toggle if you wish to have the experience points spent automatically. Turn the autospend off. Save up until you have about 40,000 experience points, or roughly a third of a season. Then, go back into the menu where you spend your points. You can spend a lot more points in one go. This makes it easier to decide what aspects of a player to upgrade. When you have 40,000 experience points, turn on the auto spend. The CPU spends the points better if there are more to spend.

Quick cash in Manager Mode
"Buy" off the free agent dont actually have to pay a transfer fee.You just pay him really really high wages.You can then keep the player(if you can afford his weekly pay) or sell him straght away for a huge profit.

I was playing as Sydney FC(low budget), so I "bought" 3 guys off the free agent list.(You do have to pay their wages for at least a week or until you can sell them)I then sold these 3 guys for about $10 or $15 million each.

This will work with any club on the game, even the rich ones like Real Madrid or Man United.



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