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Available this December on PlayStation Network for $9.99, Eutechnyx’s Absolute Supercars allows people of all ages and skill to get behind the wheels of some of the world’s most powerful supercars. Take part in quick races, time trials, championships and even an epic Career mode in an attempt to earn the big bucks and fill your Showroom with a cavalcade of stunning motors! From Ferrari, to Pagani, to Aston Martin and McLaren, there's a car for everyone and a series of stunning tracks to race them on.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

How to unlock


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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Superstar (Platinum): Unlock all Absolute Supercars Trophies.
Credit Where Credit Is Due (Silver): Achieve a perfect Credit score in an offline race.
Clean Credits (Bronze): Achieve the Clean Race Credit Bonus in an offline race.
9 Lives (Bronze): Cause severe damage to a Supercar in Career mode without retiring.
Crash Test Dummy (Bronze): Completely demolish a Supercar in an offline race.
Not Counted Out (Silver): Start a race in 16th and finish in 1st. On or offline.
Glued To The Track (Bronze): Complete a race without going off the track. On or offline.
Lap Master (Bronze): Maintain first place for an entire lap. On or offline.
No Fear! (Bronze): Go full throttle and hold off the brakes for 15 seconds in an on or offline race
Circuit Challenge (Bronze): Win a race at Nurburgring without hitting any obstacles. On or offline.
New Style (Bronze): Create your first new Livery.
Styling 'n' Profiling (Silver): Take a Supercar with a personalised livery online and win.
Race Off (Bronze): Create your first online race.
Continental Racer (Bronze): Race online against a driver from another country.
HUD Zen (Bronze): Win a race without the HUD. On or offline.
Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Complete Stage 1 of Career mode with a 1st place finish in every race.
Passport Stamped (Bronze): Complete Stage 2 of Career mode with over 6,000 Race Points.
Up and Coming (Silver): Complete Stage 3 of Career mode with over 10,000 Race Points.
Bound for Glory (Gold): Complete Stage 4 of Career mode with over 18,000 Race Points.
Stage 1 Check (Bronze): Complete all Objectives in Stage 1 of Career mode.
Stage 2 Check (Bronze): Complete all Objectives in Stage 2 of Career mode.
Stage 3 Check (Bronze): Complete all Objectives in Stage 3 of Career mode.
Stage 4 Check (Silver): Complete all Objectives in Stage 4 of Career mode.
Stage 5 Check (Gold): Complete all Objectives in Stage 5 of Career mode.
Challenger (Bronze): Finish Career mode with over 24,000 Race Points.
Story of a Champion (Silver): Finish Career mode with over 28,000 Race Points.
Challenge Dominated (Gold): Finish Career mode with over 32,000 Race Points.
Looking Left (Bronze): Complete an Auto Club Speedway Oval race without turning right. On or offline.
Who is the Fairest? (Bronze): Win a race with no side mirrors. On or offline.
Wet Paint (Silver): Win a race in the wet, without receiving any damage. On or offline.
Finished in First! (Bronze): Win a race crossing the line in first gear, on or offline.
Solid Gold (Gold): Complete a Tournament event with maximum points overall (90).
Shopaholic (Silver): Spend 100,000 Credits.
Rebellious Victory (Silver): Win a 3 lap race at Homestead Oval without braking once. On or offline.
Millionaire (Silver): Achieve a Credit balance of 1,000,000.

Additionally there is one secret trophy.

Supercar Superstar (Gold): Win the ultimate race on or offline.



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