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Apotheon is an open world, action/stealth, 2D sidescoller game. In development for PC by Alientrap.

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Olympian difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game under the Warrior or Champion difficulty setting.

Easy "Inebriate" trophy
Find Dionysus behind one of the big large in the agora, in the center of the map. Dionysus is larger than the others and he will challenge you to a drinking contest when you are near. To win, you must drink all the marked wine bottles. After you drink the first bottle, you must drink the next bottle within five seconds. If done fast enough, a few seconds will be added to your allowed time and you must get to the next bottle. If you are too slow, you will black out and wake up in front of his door. To do this effectively, open all the doors. One is in the attic (on top of the map, opened with a lever on the right side), another is on the upper floor in the left-most building, and one is in front of a balcony on the lower right. Note: The last two levers must to be opened with ranged weapons. Select the starting point in the attic because of its distance from the others and has an increased cost in time due to a ladder or failed jumps. You do not have to stand directly in front of the wine to interact with it. Make sure that you have enough time remaining to get from your last wine to Dionysus before you black out. Do not choose an end point that is too far away.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

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