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Easy "Grown Attached" Trophy
You must spend ten minutes of continuous unpaused game play in a level. To do this easily, begin any level and allow the game to idle, without allowing the game to auto-pause or your screensaver to trigger. Bob will fall down repeatedly for ten minutes. Note: Avoid levels that will cause Bob to wake up because of a whale train, a dog, or a manhole.

Easy "Smart Guy, Huh?" Trophy
Do not touch the islands to the left.

Easy "Speedrunner" Trophy
Before attempting this, restart the game first. Then, each level must be completed in the same game session. Failing or retrying a map is allowable.

Easy "A Dog, a Whale and a Clock Walks Into a Hole..." Trophy
Bob must be woken by a dog, an alarm clock, a whale train and a manhole all in the same game session.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

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