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"#1 Selling Action/Flying Series on Playstation"A Bogey Bustin', G Force-Pulin', Insanity Ride!22 FLYABLE, CUTTING-EDGE AIRCRAFT - F-16XF Gyrfalcon, Su-37 Super Flanker, UI-4054 Aurora and more!36 FURIOUS MISSIONS - Air-to-air, air-to-ground, air-to-sea, even into the stratosphere!3-D VIRTUAL COCKPIT - Look in all directions during combat - lock your eyes on the enemy and never lose sght of the action!SPECTACULAR VISUALS - Fully-detailed targets, moving control surfaces, smoke trails, lens flares, and spectacular explosions!MORE HEATED DOGFIGHTS - Increase your kills by using real dogfighting...

Game Pictures

Earn mission #36
To get the 36th mission, you must earn a B or greater in all 35 missions of the regular game. This cannot be done in the Mission Simulator.

Japanese Intro Movie
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty.

Mission simulator
Unlock all five endings with a pilot by completing all fifty-two missions and save the game. Then, return to the title screen and load the completed game save file. The "New File" option will change to an "S-File" option. Choose that option for a mission simulator that allows any mission to be played with any airplane and difficulty setting

Slash and Edge from Ace Combat 2
In Utopian Dreams mission, choose not to follow Cynthia. In an upcoming net news you should see information that tells the name of Ouroboros, including Dision and Cynthia. In the names are Kei Nagase and John Harverd, which are the real names for Edge and Slash in Ace Combat 2.

Spread bomb
Unlock the Mission Simulator and the spread bomb also will be unlocked. It can be found under the weapon 2, at the very end.

Unlock O.S.L. (Orbital Satellite Laser)
Earn straight A's for all 36 missions in the Mission Simulator on Hard.
NOTE: The O.S.L. is not availible for use in missions: 16,18,32, and 33.

Unlock the XR-900 Geopelia
Defeat the hidden, 36th, mission in the Mission Simulator with an A.

How to Unlock
Japanese Movie
Defeat the game at the Hard Difficulty
Mission 36
Earn a B rank or better in the regular game's 35 missions to unlock the 36th mission.
Mission Simulator
Complete all 52 missions and get all 5 endings by doing so. Save your game and load the game again. In the menu will be a change. Choose the S-File option to open the Mission Simulator. You can play any mission with any airplane on any difficulty setting.
Music Test
Beat the game at the easy difficulty to unlock the Music Test option.
Orbital Satellite Laser
Beat all 36 missions with an A in the mission simulator at the Hard difficulty.
Spread Bomb
First you need to get the mission simulator. After you got that, look at your weapons when starting a mission. Move to the far right and find the spread bomb.
U14054 Aurora
Beat all 36 missions with an A in the mission simulator at Normal or Hard difficulty.
X-49 Night Raven
Beat all 36 missions with an A in the mission simulator at the Normal difficulty.
XR-900 Geopelia
Beat Mission 36 with an A in the mission simulator.



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