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2D Platformer
Release Date (US):
Oct 2, 1997
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All Endings
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bad EndingDefeat Richter, while wearing the glasses Maria gave you.
Best EndingIn the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage of at least 196, defeat the final boss.
Good EndingIn the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage below 150, defeat the final boss.
Worst EndingDefeat Richter, but don't wear the glasses Maria gave you.

Alucart Mode

First, grab the Stopwatch special item and be able to double jump. Go the the Giant Clock in the Marble Gallery. Activate the Stopwatch (Up + Square/Circle) and go the the upper-right path that you just opened. Grab the three items to the right which are the Alucart Sword, Alucart Shield, and Alucart Mail.

Equip all three and you will enter Alucart Mode. In this mode, your luck will increase by 30 and enemies will now drop $250 bags wherever you go. The $250 bags are rare, but they will drop from any enemy, just like the $1, $25, $50, and $100 bags.

Beat Granfaloon Quick!

When you get to Granfaloon's room, first use bat form to fly to the west side of the room. Once there, stand on the lower ledge. When the boss is at it's highest height, equip the Shield Rod and the Skull Shield. Use the Shield Combo attack by pressing both Square and Circle at the same. The ray that appears will kill the boss with one shot. Enjoy!

Defeating Galamoth Easily

Galamoth is one of the biggest and strongest bosses in the game. However, he can be surprisingly easy to take down. When you're facing him, simply use the Form of Mist to fly through him, and then land on the small ledge in back of his head. If you keep hitting him, he'll never get the opportunity at attack. To make things even easier, you can equip the Beryl Circlet, which absorbs Galamoth's electrical attacks and turns it into HP.

Dual Heaven Sword Combo

When you use the Heaven Sword, Alucard normally throws the sword in front of him. If you have two of them, however, you can perform a secret attack. Have a Heaven Sword equipped to both attack buttons, then press both buttons at the same time. One Heaven Sword will have the normal animation, while the other will spin around in an arc behind Alucard and rack up additional hits.

Hidden items under Librarian's chair

Once you acquire the gravity boots, go to the area beneath the Librarian's room. Stand under the hole in the ceiling and use the gravity boots to knock his chair up into the air. The first time you do this, you'll get a Life Max Up pot. After that you have a random chance to get one of three other items: Dracula's Tunic, Axelord Armor, and a Rind of Arcana. The order in which you get them is random, as is the chance of getting any item at all. To greatly improve your chances, use the boots to repeatedly knock his chair up without touching the ground or making him hit the ceiling.

Invincible Alucard

You will need the Walk Armor, Sword Card, and Soul of Wolf. Go to the room where you can see a save point and do the "Sword Brothers". Then, immediately go to the save point and press Up + R2 so that you can save the game as a Wolf. Immediately save the game as the Sword Familiar starts spinning. Once you see the "Data Saved" message, hold Select + Start to reset the game, then load your saved file. If done correctly, your map will be glitched and the rooms you have previously visited will have disappeared. However, your completion will remain as it is. You must cover the rooms you have done before. The Walk Armor's defense will increase as your completion also increases. The more rooms to cover, the stronger the Walk Armor's defense will become. Repeat this until the Walk Armor becomes very strong. At this point the highest damage that Alucard will ever receive is 1 (except spikes), and he will be immune to all types of sickness except for stone. Alucard will not be pushed away, even if he is being attacked by enemies. Also, if Alucard gets hit while he is in Bat or Wolf form, he will remain in that form as if nothing hit him.

Invincible Alucard (and invisible)

Required things for this Glitch:

An AxeLord Armor
A Library card

Wear a normal armor and equip the Library card. Activate the library card and then equip AxeLord armor while the Beam of light is still on you and then go back to a normal armor. Once the screen goes completely white, walk into another room, and if it worked well, Alucard is now Invisible and Invincible. This glitch will end if transform into anything, teleport, re-equip the AxeLord Armor, or do anything that will remake Alucard's sprite.



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