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Digital Illusions, Fox Interactive
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Speed separates the pros from the pawns in this futuristic, fluid racing rush. Strap yourself in, rev your engines and race across a futuristic landscape where speed knows no limitations.From desolate downtown highways to desolate downtown roads, test your skill on the eight legendary venues of the ultimate TransInternet Speed League.Balance skill and intelligence with a devilish dash of deviousness and you alone can be King of the Road!

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Alternate credits
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Square + Circle at the credits screen to change the names to those from demo mode.

Alternate demo
Enter INSANITY as a code under the options menu. The demo mode will last three minutes and feature eight cars with special camera effects.

Alternate external view
Stop on the heli-bridge for approximately ten seconds.

Bonus credits message
Enter SH4 as a name on the high score screen. A bonus message will scroll on the credits screen.

Bouncing cars
Locate the alley to the left of the road outside the Atlantika Central Station building. Drive from this point to the left corner on the right side of the building in less than twenty seconds.

Cheat notes
High scores will not be recorded if any cheats are enabled.

Lunar gravity
Drive into the left garage door with Digital Illusions signs in Nolby Hills over 75 kph.

Tinted smoke
Locate the gas station in Gold Bridge. Drive backwards around the pumps three times in twenty seconds. Your speed must exceed 40 kph when passing the door.



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